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Previously on accused we need to do work investigate everything yourself that's what were supposed to date can't just rely on the paper she got an hour on a police detective saying something you have to go out and actually investigating yoursel that's part of your duty fortunately undermine ethical rules there's not willing much i can say about it because of the status of it at this point in time i remember huntoon this is accused the unsolved murder of wreak the welsh the first few days after william virgils release from prison he couldn't stop beating behind bars the menu options had been slim and bland outside he encountered so many new restaurants places he had never heard of places that didn't exist back when he was locked up a lot had changed in twenty eight years virgil wanted to try all the food a tattered bertewas i mean it air france food restaurant one data's next made at expert at then i said on now and this will put all the weight he realized he would have to slow this down it wasn't good freeze waistline teat out so much more than that there was the matter of his wallet he had no job and he had racked up some medical issues that we'd keep him from getting one he was nearing sixty five years old they each most folks retire and he had only ever earned a few odd paychex amidst 20s in 30s that meant he couldn't qualify for unemployment tur's social security both of which use your pass legal income to determine eligibility whether virgil would've ever cleaned up his criminal act to start a career is impossible to now but it wasn't an option behind bars dealing with that mentally has been tough in a way he can't easily articulate he spent so long in prison fighting to get out now that.

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