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Too close out today. Show there's another trailer card happening this weekend. And although i cannot stand the product. The main event has my attention. And i have some thoughts about my official prediction for door bell. Four evanger holyfield taken beat tour said that two guys a day ago. What happened what. What allow me to back up. Because you can probably relate to this. You can probably relate to thinking vitor got dealt from the bottom of the deck and showed major courage even stepping into this. I did i was impressed. Because if you look at from vitor standpoint we're size does matter not to mention. He's already taken arrest going to a sport. That isn't his and we can talk about the the olympics in nineteen ninety-six that he allegedly was on the process of trying to compete for a long time ago. This is a different sport man. This is the one veto did okay. So credit credit vittore right out of the gate but then stepping it against oscar de la. Hoya all right. I've got my marching orders. Here's what i'm gonna do. Here's who this is. Here's what he's doing to prepare. Get a good eye on this guy. Hundred and eighty five pounds. He gets called fee. It's called a week prior to the way ins and he's informed not only is it not one eighty us mma terms. I realized boxing works in different terms. But let me use that. Not only is it not middleweight. It's not even gonna be light heavyweight. It's going to be heavyweight. I have you ever heard of even heard of anybody. Agreem- one week prior to weigh ins to change weight classes by two way classes. I don't think anyone's even been offered that let alone done it right so again. Credit vitor fee towards go fight a very unknown. We don't wanna banters been up to. We know that vander is known for a while that he's going to compete. Evanger was of the state of mind. Six months ago that he was going to be fighting mike tyson. So evaders preparing. He's preparing. he's grossly different way class than what veto was ready to do for v tour to make one hundred eighty five pounds. He's changing his body. He sacrificing he's cut down on the calories and and he's upped the workouts put everything. Stop head back up. You can relax. Don't worry about the way. Okay not a lot of details. The fee nom says yes. Full credit fee tour. I assume vander just like you guys. All i can do is see the invader in my head right. Just like an accountant. You're only as good as the information you're given. That's what i have on. Evanger event is going to kill this guy. Vitor full respect that you're even going out there. He's going to get destroyed and the oddsmakers agreed. Evanger comes in a two one favorite now. The weigh ins are a short period of time away. The fight this weekend must admit. I don't know if it saturday or sunday. I would assume saturday but some boxes been going on on sunday right. The paul's been fighting sunday. So it's this weekend we'll leave it at that. I can assure you the two to one favorite eve. Andrew holyfield will not enter the ring the favourite. What happened well if you haven't seen it media day that's what happened media day for this. Very meagre event took place in a dirty small boxing gym somewhere which in all fairness to a boxing. Gym is exactly what you want but not a whole lot of space which means not a whole lot of media means it's not very well attended takes place anyway. They got a camera. Good enough for me. Evanger doesn't interview that is troubling and difficult in terms of the speech pattern so he showing some real signs that we've seen some of the sad signs that we've seen from our boxing heroes but then he does an open workout now. The open workout did not consist of anything. Redeemable there was not a redeeming quality within his power. There was not a redeeming quality within his foot. Work there is not a redeeming quality within his speed to do what you know is focus mitts. And that's a great. You call focus bits. No problem another term for that as you can call it running the numbers. 'cause focus mitts will all be done by numbers no matter who the coaches one two one two three one two five one five two one two five food slip slip. Seven eight one two. I mean you've got to run the numbers and your coach is going to call them. And you're gonna do it like a beautiful dance. It's wonderful to watch floyd mayweather and roger mayweather just by example to guys that know each.

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