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From the ram trucks traffic center. Here's Karen Stewart. Well, we got some construction happening on Long Island. Here's what we see on long island's big three. Westbound a southern state is slow now as you leave route one ten tried to get into north Broadway right at the Bethpage Parkway that is where the construction or road sweeping or whatever it is that they deem necessary is going on the westbound side of the northern state is very heavy crossing over one oh seven if you traveling the ally e westbound delays into Glen cove road, the delays wrap up when you get to searing town road. We've got westbound L I E delays though, coming into the cross island Parkway and going out into the clearview expressway, and we're still slow from the van Wyk expressway where it gets really really heavy out into sixty nine street. We've got problems on the e Woodhaven boulevard we did. I should say we have an accident there for the longest time. It's been cleared, but that's not helping as things start to recover their Brooklyn queens expressway, going westbound at queens boulevard. A car broke down. The right lane is blocked. Traffic is almost stopped into it. In the eastbound, Jackie Robinson, and cypress hill street. There's an accident. Here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels, outbound GW bridge, forty five inbound down to a ten or fifteen minute delay. I'm Karen Stewart. Our next report is ten thirty one on ten ten wins wins news time ten twenty two. Governor Andrew Cuomo takes a ride this morning on the bridge that bears. His father's name. He takes part in a ceremony next hour to Mark. The completion of the second span of the Mario Cuomo bridge replaces, the tappan Zee also expected at the dedication is former New York Senator and secretary of state Hillary Clinton when the full bridge opens the traffic tomorrow one span will carry traffic from Westchester to Rockland and the other Bokhari carry the traffic in the opposite direction. Months?.

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