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The comic steps up efforts to Leah customers in the world's biggest electric vehicle market all right let's get the global news headlines the rest of your global news headlines from Lee and Gerrans Liane good morning mass in Australia authorities have declared a state of emergency in order thousands of tourists to evacuate before extreme conditions over the weekend the death toll has now climbed to twenty from Sydney Plavix Johnson reports holiday like is it and how to get out of the three hundred and fifty column to strip of coastline that runs from now right three I was signed to Sydney run down to the border takes forty states the fights have killed ten people in the two states this week alone I'm pressure is building on prime minister Scott Morrison and his handling of the crisis in Sydney at Johnson Bloomberg daybreak Europe causing a busy year of Spain is set to finally guessing you government that's often the acting prime minister Pedro Sanchez with waited a castle and separatist party to help him take office for second ten is where a Republican it great to have stayed in a confidence vote in parliament giving centers the number he needs to form the socialist led coalition now here in the U. K. boys don't since top advisers says he wants to recruit windows and misfits as part of a drive to ever hold the U. K. government the books of Boston sonic reports donate coming says he's seeking an unusual set of people with different skills and backgrounds to work in Downing Street hinting at a wide a restructuring of the civil service he says profound problems exist with the current prices of high level decision making is three thousand watt blow Cummings also said breaks it requires changes to how the U. K. makes decisions in under the suggestions are like by daybreak here up I. techies parliament has authorized deploying troops to support Libya's internationally recognized administration against rival forces the Libyan government is battling militias backed by Russian messing breeze Egypt and the United Arab Emirates the White House says president trump spoke to take his lead the one about the move warning him that foreign interference is complicating the situation Lebanese twenty four hours a day on that and quick take Mike Bloomberg pallets by building twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred and twenty countries I'm gonna garance this is Bloomberg vote to Leon thanks for that and still ahead on Bloomberg daybreak Europe havens and oil are rallying as Iran vows severe retaliation off to that US air strike near Baghdad ampoule that killed the top Iranian general one of the top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani the Pentagon says that that man was planning an attack on US diplomats but there's been widespread concern raised of what may happen maybe an escalation.

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