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Sadness yesterday at the national girls volleyball tournament at cobo center after the news that the couple killed in a plane crash near city airport sunday night were traveling here to watch their daughter play of course the boaz his brother paid still in the hospital from the crash that killed her parents fourteen year old bailey robertson is playing in the turney that's really sad i really bad her family everyone they do well officials say the boaz has vowed to stay in the tournament the cause of that crash still under investigation but the pilot reported a problem with the landing gear before that plane went down in the aftermath of catastrophic flooding in the western up last week dot asking the federal government for some help to fix some roads that are eligible for federal aid the federal highway administration for twenty eight point seven million dollars in emergency relief funds and we've asked that the expedited as quickly as possible spokesperson dan winegarden says they've managed to reopen a couple of the roads buddy says there are fifty to sixty county roads that have major damage kansas governor jeff cole europe has issued a disaster declaration after a tornado hit eureka left thousands without power here's more from cbs's brenda carrasco driving around in this trees enormous trees just a torn out of their out of the ground is just houses and damaged just all over town i spoke with a few individuals who tell me that they had little to no warning that this storm was happening state agencies there are now in the beginning stages of assessing the damage in eureka wbz news time one forty five now time for sports on newsradio nine fifty w w j all the tigers still in a slide blowing a nice lead last night to be as and falling nine two seven at comerica park the one oh sweet shot out the middle almost knocks down it looks to second instead throws to first because he was in the over shift and there was nobody at second base machado on the right side he flips the first to get the batter olsen but into score comes joyce and we've got a seven seven tie dan dickerson there over a ninety seven one the ticket trying incense here's the one so we're gonna shot grab at third base by lowry a smoked line drive in larry backhanded before got into the left field corner heck of a swing by glaciers it is outnumbered three in the oakland a's have come into detroit and taking the first two games in this four game series a six nothing lead disappeared for the tigers in this game our final score with two ones in the ninth inning the oakland a's come away with a nine seven win leonardi was breezing long for the tigers until he gave up three unearned runs in the fourth he was taken out for a walk and buck farmer came on in relief up next it's game three of that four game series you can catch the first pitch over ninety seven one the ticket at seven ten meanwhile number one overall pick for detroit casey mayes talked to the ticket about donning his new tigers cap fills amazing it's such an honor to be can be the first overall pick and join a great organization like the tigers i'm i'm really appreciative of of them considering the best player in this draft and you know taking me with with the first election so for for it to be official it really feels great minds agreeing this week to a minor league contract with the tigers including a seven and a half million dollar signing bonus overnight of the world cup argentina beat nigeria two one to get to the knockout stage though play france and the last sixteen on saturday croatia sending iceland home with a two one defeat and france and denmark played to a.

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