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Legend is is this guy came to the to hawk revolts doria apparently it's not true i i i'm so disappointed to hear that i think i'm just going to keep believing it's true in and then you wonder about whether he was using something at the time some substance i are pretty sure he was using some and but you know whatever today i like to tell the story it's probably one of my favorite poets his william butler yeats by far and i like to tell the story that two students that um i actually was sorry to say i did inhale and all that like bill clinton saying he didn't i did with cannabis as a young man it's all becoming clearly yeah ave uh and i remember writing a poem under the influence and waking up in the morning and eh well rain poverty this is as good as anything gates's ever written i woke up in the morning it's total gibberish amid absolutely no says you know it's a story always gets a laugh through that's a lesson most poets learn as that then ththis yasim created by the alternate substances maybe not a doesn't last when he read it and this also this mystique though it goes back to butler and all these other poets near the more you drink we have more substances malcolm lowery uh even raymond carver you know you've got a drink and you're gonna take substances in you're gonna write great poetry are great fiction he eventually adequate though carver yacht butler always be drunk exactly led to that idea that great thing about that palms he goes on it now of course y unwind on everything not having so you know maybe not even need that yeah this michael writes it seems inevitable that you're gonna spend this time talking about how people connected poetry and never talk about the controversy of bob dylan's poetry being recognised with the nobel prize and how sunk poetry as the inheritance.

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