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Again. I think there's nobody listening to ear podcast or this one. Which by the way folks he mentioned it. Achieve your goals. That's how elrod podcast go. Check it out. We were talking a couple of days ago and i looked it up on charter. It was like a retired. Mine was at three hundred years. Was it like a thousand sixty or something like that but i see generally yeah. I actually looked at it later. It was higher so it was tom and jerry. I'm gonna i'm gonna bring up charter chargeable. You go do that and everybody else goes. Subscribe was he's doing that. Go to achieve your goals with hal elrod and again just a profound message there okay anyways folks listening to that folks listening to this show are here because they i do want more otherwise they would not be here. They could go off and listen to some story on <hes> n._p._r. Or something like that so we assume that now this is actually out of miracle morning. I believe and actually have page sixty nine written in my notes and you talk about vision and i'm gonna read right out of again. You said the more vivid you make your vision also also speak to us folks through the were vivid. You guys make your vision. We all make our visions. The more compelled will be to take the necessary actions to to make it a reality that was again kind of one of those beacons that stuck out to me in leading up in research in you and your message and leading up to this because because i have realized that you talked about goals that so often i see that when folks are not ultimately going after something they know they want more but they're not going after. They really haven't gotten clear on what it is. They want and i have done that. How actually i'll say there are still areas in my life where i'll realize why. Why have i not progressed arrest there. I'll come back. I have not clarified my goal. I always driven. I always wake up in the morning driven but without being clear i can't make those definitive steps and sometimes times. I don't even know that i've progressed or regressed. I should say without those and so. I really appreciate your talking in there about that vision in i. I assume that you see that as well a lot of people that yeah they want more. They want more but when you ask them. They don't have a specific on that what they want on those what they want a ah do you find yourself and i know you speak so much doing the podcast where does vision rank. I mean again we talk about. What's the holy grail. You know what's sequentially visits got to be. Ah i think right at the top. It is actually my so my co author here..

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