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The bottom line is that if we are creating a whole pool of kids addicted to nicotine through e cigarettes some proportion than we're gonna become long-term uses of combustible tobacco that otherwise might never have initiate tobacco and all the great gains that we've made in his country, reducing smoking rates. And you saw the data that came out today showing smoking rates continue to come down and also stigmatizing smoking among young people. So that we're reducing the pool of future smokers all of that will be reversed or lost. If we can address the youth use of cigarettes. I'm Dan diamond this pulse. Check and that was FDA. Commissioner Scott Gottlieb vowing to crack down on e cigarette. Sales to young Americans. I just sat down with the FDA Commissioner, right? As news was breaking about the FDA's plan to widely banned sales a flavored e cigarettes in an effort to curb teen. Use now Commissioner Gottlieb couldn't comment on news reports, but he did detail with the agency is thinking what he's called an epidemic ahead of a formal announcement next week, but someone who can break down the latest news and t- up white. You're about to hear from Commissioner Gottlieb is my colleague, sir overhaul who's been covering the e cigarette beat get to both of those conversations in a moment. But first reminder, if you like pulse check, if you like being able to hear us put questions directly to Commissioner leave and other top officials. You can help us by keeping the podcast going every rating review on itunes. It's help. And please send suggestions to you. Can find me a D diamond politico dot com by Email and.

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