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Use season galaxy mosaic and Sitra. It's it's a clear beer, it's not hazy like New England is, but it's hopped in the same kind of hop schedule. As as a New England would be very little boy, little hops, mostly world pool. Hops, and I I'm looking in the back there as we came through which some pitches, you've got room to expand your brewing capabilities. What was the barrel? Again, we are a seven we have a seven barrel. Brew house. We have three seven fermenters, and we have fifteen barrow from enter. So so what right now is the biggest impediment to brewing. The biz that you want to brew all to expanding basically just getting the the skills here that we can start to make that happen. I'm the only one of the partners. That's here. Full-time the other guys still have families and in can't, you know, necessar-? Early take the pay cut that it would initially entail. So some in the process, I'm working with a guy now that that's interested in helping me grow the wholesale part of the business, obviously, I don't want to invest too much in the capacity until I have. A plan to move it. Because the last thing you wanna do is get underneath a lot of debt, and then not start generating the revenue to support it. That's happened to a lot of. I mean breeze that are significantly larger than we are. But we had one, you know, in Indiana here that went from seven barrel small brewery, but thirty barrel equipment did big, you know, big expansion and the next thing, you know, they're they're they're auctioning their assets off, you know, so so we're we're trying to take you know, three Floyd says, they grew. They took kind of a a very conservative growth path. They didn't they opened around the same time as funders, and you can see founders as you can see what three Floyds is to make sure that the business can support the growth so that we're not risking what we do have. Yeah. Because as we walk into this place, and you do have a an outside patio area oversleep today. Well, I say openly, the listeners don't know, the weather's light. But it's overcast and somewhat. Cool heading into full there. Be the Silva thing sitting out on outside. But you do have a lodge area for outside. Do you have vents that deal you hosted because this is a big space. I think you couldn't you can do that type of thing..

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