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Change second seventeen the homes the main ones right affect pressure putting a past. his third touchdown pass it is really it's a million selectable home. takes the snap right is bill turns the right hip there is going to get along the once the markers. yeah hold on a second quarter by my homes of the cheese radio network no scoring in the second half she still wanted twenty eight to ten molds thirty of forty four for four hundred forty three yards and the four touchdowns and again the chiefs when a twenty eight to ten to get the to it all the raiders fall for one and one the rams beat the saints in whatever you want to call it as a revenge game for New Orleans but it was all rams twenty seven the night of course it was not all saints in their normal roster because drew Brees got hurt in the first half he had hurt his hand against his own helmet Erin Donald hit him and we never saw him again he did not look good on the sidelines unable to move that hand very well we do not know the extent of the injury our daughter also left later with a shoulder injury although did come back to play rams got to Jared Goff in late to get a two yard touchdown pass to Brandon cooks also a one yard run for golf when nineteen of twenty eight for two eighty three and the touchdown teddy Bridgewater in relief a breeze seventeen of thirty four hundred and sixty five yards but no scores rams go to to it all states fall to one and one twenty seven to nine in favor of LA come back with more scores after this time out you're listening to the NFL on sports USA were back after these local messages. hi.

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