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Shared. A voice was real interesting guys, top ten insanely racist moments. Disney movies, totally. And then the title cuts off because it's so long. Did they find an alive mega Don in the Mariana trench upon the movie. Maybe these are all like recommended on my viewing history. Some just like cell phone right now. All right. Well, if you watch it like three more times being cited for to turn it off. Sure. Boop Mahathir view. Now that we talked about it is it on the schedule. I'll take a look anyway. We gotta move on forty minutes at news funders though. Let's talk about. We'll move will blow movies to next week if we still care Deba Teesta apparently wants to have a solo drags movie even if he's not in it. I think that's. Vialed. Directs play a whole movie kid. Let's it comparison to like somebody you'd find on the internet who's into that who'd want to see like a Drexel movie? No, like an actor who's like, yeah, I'm totally down for a direct movie. I wouldn't even have to play. It could just watch. He's like an actor cook. Watching other people play as characters. I'll just sit in the corner l. film at that's he's actually behind the camera. He directs a movie about tracks share over there. I got a pier one imports. I'll be sitting there. It's wicker. A cushion. So it's not. It's not that comfortable that it's not as bad as it could be. Cheeses, chris..

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