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It's it's it's an illusion. It's interesting because for people who've been in the industry for really long time. I guess that might be the reaction. I saw some commentary on social media from a much younger generation who said that we were looking at it from a different vantage point, which is this is the beginning of the end of that generation, and it's making room for a new establishment like a new group of people to to kind of step in their shoes. I know what you're talking about. And the day that that person steps in cut Lago fill chanels day. I climbed onto my iceberg drift that into the ocean unable to be seen again. Okay. It was also this season of borsch wa and we saw this, you know, throughout the season. Probably most was it really the season of the bourgeoisie. It wasn't just the season. Everybody talked about the idea because it's not exactly like you'd think people talked about it. Because had he slim on put it on the run became a topic. And then everyone said, oh, it's the season. Joie everyone is Suming that that let what he does what he does. Press it presages a shift in sensibility in fashion as as it has in the past. It did seem like several other shows I think Dan is being exploring this idea Balenciaga for awhile. The he's talked about the bourgeoisie. A lot. I thought the collection was a fabulous collection. And. You could say that what Zhong an end Judas to two of being joing at ABC is a Bush wa from day one. Now, celebrating a certain kind of French dress that that is embodies that sort of you know, that that ethos. I'm Eddie Sluman. Did it did it? I didn't see the show, but did it with enormous scale and conviction and and a single dime. Exactly. As he does. There was no deviation. There was no theme in variation. It was you know, hitting the point home over and over again with a certain look, but as someone pointed out to me, it was less about the whole look was more about the bags and the outerwear. And that's what some people say is really going to sell. What do you think? I will isn't that. What people always say, no. I don't think they necessarily talk about outer where all the time bags, of course, was saline before a clothing business. Amani one thing people voice it about George Romani as the scale of that. It's unique in the scale of that businesses, basically, everything not not accessories wasn't ceiling. Liz, very accessories. Every business B's era was definitely an accessory is focused business. But I think what people were talking about was taking the model from salary where outerwear was a big driver of the businesses. Well. It just so happens that this outerwear is was more in a a different different aesthetic than that kind of rocker chic look that he became known as Lawrence sing. Interesting speculative moment because obviously a comment we heard from a lot of people was that. Oh, I wonder have to buy the close was my mother has Molineaux cub in the closet now that was old women saying that because obviously younger women would have wouldn't necessarily have mothers who will wearing let's that style of saving clothing from the original. I'm sailing moment. I just wanted. That was interesting for me that that would that look novel too young two young women. It looked a definitely look familiar to older women would the novelty appeal to the two young women and with the familiarity appeal to older women, it's kind of an interesting. Is I don't even think it was about the novelty of the look I think it was about catching everyone by surprise..

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