Delaware, Paul, Bobby Isaac discussed on MRN Classic Races - 1970 Alabama 500


And like it is an all pro sports the rewards are commensurate with ever and that's why it's so important to all concerned and that's why one hundred percent ever will be given by all concerned your including us on the motorsports network that's it now back the radio control covering the south and the pits for the obama prime hundreds the international speedway dover delaware and columnist for the national speeds board news bomb again link where okayed it on the south end of the road road is thirteen hundred feet long and in front of me now we have the complete starting lineup of forty cars on the paul right in front of us with a dodge daytona bobby isaac on the outside david pearson the reigning champion of the grand national right it's a long as fit all that right now the crews are looking over their equipment have just check out all of the cars last minute look at everything and here every minute detail is important in the pets we have six men they're address in attractive a tire the design of the equipment and the design of the clothing worn is for a maximum freedom of movement it's most important this afternoon with these gentlemen perform par excellence as far as the presidency is concerned because today we have a brand new tire revolutionary slick surface tire develop before tolliday go the alabama international motor speedway with fees over two hundred miles per hour is most demanding on that the most important ingredient for feed the tire that gives the racing cars the it he's in they need to attain the speed for win.

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