Earl Morris, Ohio, World War discussed on Boston Herald Radio


We could all be inspired by the story of a retired air force veterans named earl morris who served as a physician's assistant at the va centers in ohio and indiana thirteen years ago earl began asking his patients if they planned to visit new world war two much memorial which is beautiful right here in washington dc nearly all said they planned to visit but when he saw these patients at their next appointment almost none of them had made the trip one day he had an idea earl is a private pilot he asked one of his patients who was a world war two veteran if he could fly with him to the memorial he was so honored to do it the eightyyearold veteran wept openly cried he never imagined he would see that beautiful monument to his service that is how i honor flight was born honor flight very beautiful things since then over our one hundred thousand veterans have been greeted with cheers of gratitude as they arrive in our nation's capital we want all american veterans falling from every one of them.

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