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O'clock It is 28 degrees. This is a WTMJ fleet Farm Storm team alert a dense fog advisor now, in effect for all of southern and south central Wisconsin, through 9 A.m. Tomorrow tonight alot of 25 along the lakefront cloudy with that dense fog. From the WTMJ breaking news Center on Kevin Wells, supporters of the Blake family marching through Kanno Shion this evening. WTMJ is Tony better Crowds of protesters are relatively small tonight, but they say they've got a big message. It's a bunch of malarkey is bullcrap. Jacob Lakes uncle calls the decision not to charge Officer Schatsky a slap in the face. I think they were trying to send a message or very racist message, and it's coming from this government directly, he says. The Blake family and its supporters plan to take their outrage to the nation's capital in the coming weeks in Kenosha, Tony Braddock WTMJ News. More details can be found online at wtmj dot com. Those peaceful protests are still going on this evening. Kenosha, Mayor John and Arabian tells residents the conversation is not stopped. Despite the decision made today We have been on a path here, where we have been bringing citizens together and engaging and honest discussions about the future of our community. I assure you, that mission will continue and the Milwaukee Bucks also speaking out after this decision not to charge any officers today, the statement says, in part that the organization remains firmly against excessive use of force by law enforcement. And that re occurring instances of excessive force. An escalation must stop. The statement also adds that they remain committed to enacting policy changes, said social just injustices stop occurring. The state does have its attention on Canosa. They're still a family in Milwaukee, fighting for justice for their son toward my family, my family completely. Jose Azevedo son, Joel was killed eight months ago, allegedly at the hands of former Milwaukee police officer Michael Mattioli. Following the release of the 911 tapes, a survey to win his wife detailed the night they saw their son in the hospital. There was no mark sins, but we saw marks on his neck and we saw a bunch of dots around his face like he was being choked. Yoli was fired from MPD last year, he said to stand trial in March. Mike Spaulding WTMJ news, Sports, traffic and weather are next siding. Unlimited wtmj news time is 11 02. She told me she had to wait 12 weeks for her special order furniture, I said 12 weeks when you special order from Ken Michael's Your furniture will be delivered in 35 days. That's less than half the time. You have to wait to enjoy top quality..

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