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Area when I was that I got my start in radio as an intern I was one like in turn of the summer or something I got to pick any concert that I wanted to go to what's called a go backstage and I chose Jessica Simpson wow and I get to meet her yes and she this was when Jessica Simpson was like hi Anne hazard out that day though that's the skinny as I've ever seen I think it was before dukes of hazard because she was when she married to Nicole Shea when she did dukes of Hazzard I don't think I don't think so okay so this was before that okay and because she was married to Nicole Shea at the time when she came out she was wearing I remember I like a pink and green dress and she was the tiniest and I was large and I was standing beside her and we took a photo together and I framed it and I had it in my house for years finally my husband's like we take that down short right she's tiny she like five foot nothing yeah yeah that was one of the greatest days of my life while really was you I mean you love her I do love her she seems nice I think so I don't know if I'll run Instagram stuff lovers money I used to but I I really did love her all right mother Hollywood news since it's already been ruined for you Taylor swift highest paid entertainer of the year living chase and I sat K. not on move on no but seriously how did you know that he is out for was released its annual celebrity one hundred list of the highest paid entertainers of the year of the year so that's it is not of xi'an richer than Beyonce say yeah a year a year so she made more money this year than any other one hundred and eighty five million dollars was a strong year yes comes in what's number two highly Jenner and seventy million a second allergist entertainers yeah entertainers as a female entertainers are just now number three hundred and fifty million off what his clothes that's right because it is off make up yeah uhhuh I soccer star Messi comes in at one twenty seven hundred twenty seven million and then ed Sheeran number five hundred and ten million but I'll tell you man I mean the music it now is just a set up for everything this platform tougher ed Sheeran ed Sheeran's his torso just grossing huge yeah lamb heads up Kanye west can be the second third fourth largest person of the year making the most money and he it nothing he's really done is I mean he had an album out and it was okay I don't think it's really been on toward or nothing not really it's all off think about that no he's he's big and like there's actors like Seth Rogan and stuff that they'll I've heard an interview site you have an easy came out last time bear spent thousand dollars on shoes but I had to have them and then basic Connie's gave me some but like they they slavery as a rock and I'm and all this stuff so is it because they like them or because they like the name the name the name of the south shall choose I don't think they're great at all no it it audience plenty no you're right I saw them in payless shoes you buy it for twelve dollars okay maybe you wouldn't know yeah now Nike is branded a different way like either Sir shoes I see my why want those just by the way they look and also another Nike the easy as I can pick out some that they look like old man she well I went to when I was in Vegas once we they have a high end mall at Caesars yes Alice and I would have that little pathway and they had a store called do your door how do your yeah your mom and I went in there and I saw a pair of sneakers and they're like oh my gosh I love these and even you know the name and I was like three hundred dollars on my left yeah it is a huge huge brand but I didn't know that as a Christian Dior or just your DR is out like well like I have red way okay runway fashion okay well I didn't know that and just by the looks of those sneakers I didn't even know the name or anything I want of them I think Adam because I lost all my money gambling five one gambling able to bond with their so I guess the celebrity multimillionaire you get caught up I want these easy is about one thousand dollars is nothing nothing yeah so big deal yes ma'am liberty for them as your luggage fell does make the list ninety five million number nine we're just judge Judy on there judge Judy's not on here no but this is the this is forms annual celebrity one hundred highest paid entertainers she Dr Phil off of the show's nationwide that's where he's making he's on the clothing like at no Dr Phil for yes I'm sort of lifestyle brand so we close it could be we have books he does a lot of blood can gauge mints well still that he still arm what's the word consults writing down all the major companies what who else is on that list okay so the highest Ford's release its highest RC me their annual celebrity one hundred list of the highest paid entertainers so Renaldo soccer star Rinaldo comes in at number six one hundred nine million soccer start name are the soccer players under five million just think it's just the women's that are popular in and United States right well Christy I've been on the list no Kris Jenner and although is the number one person on Instagram yeah he surpassed Selena Gomez and today he's also makes the highest when we say this though with the soccer players making a hundred nine million that's American dollars or is that the euro or Mrs Forbes I think force translate everything into what the American dollar when I yeah and he has a lot of sponsorships I lacked yeah the issues does he was a model boy I don't know yeah well I think it's because soccer is not as big here that's the middle bit bigger because MLS you see some city that I'm not on here when is the last time you watched besides the women's soccer game well like I watched me out the only watch World Cup I'm a big soccer practice who have saying but they before growing up there was no MLS their league there's pockets like in Portland different things where they do have sellout thanks but even so not big here TV not big as far as ratings wise for the World Cup for sure and but the World Cup in Russia for the men made six billion dollars yeah on a trip to Europe is everything soccer well the thing is no matter it soccer is a religion yeah in European countries and I'm not making that up I don't understand yeah because it's like it takes for ever for somebody just because that's what they grow up playing that is when they grow up doing we then have mereka football there they did they wouldn't get there is becoming popular too I mean yeah the NFL's gone to Mexico the NFL's gone to England yeah and it sold out immediately right but it's just one game well did you hear that Charlotte is thinking of considering getting and and the last such a team yeah they just announced it I think a couple days ago I think our work coming depends on where they play and how many people expect to show up no one is more happy that the women's USA team one then I am because I thought my I'll have a daughter it's gonna be cheerleading but now there is that you really are what because women's soccer has become more popular than men's in the United States hi are had already you can ask Carol signed up to your old Everly to the YMCA soccer yes you had a coach to no that'll actually it's not that hard to learn it's not that bad and I coach soccer went on our plate it was fun yeah it was really gonna talk I'm glad she is and I'm glad that role models look up to that I agree saying the other day they said okay so now are we gonna stop calling it women's soccer just call it soccer in men's soccer and I thought that was pretty clever yeah I can hear what you know in the women's irks me though is the women in this parade saying equal pay equal pay and I'm thinking to myself honestly that is so wrong on so many levels to my opinion because every where capital is capitalist country so you capitalize on trying to make the most money right if the women's team which they should but for some reason don't brings in more money than the men's team without a doubt I think they should be the highest paid yeah without a doubt the problem is it doesn't happen and when you look at it money money for figures and how much to bring brought in the women's team actually makes ten percent more when you narrow it down like that then the men's team based on the money coming in you know I keep thinking see that's number I don't yeah I want to see them you know self because I I that is always the counter argument only I just don't get it right but I want to see what it is now especially with the ratings Jared when we're looking at them the other day that the women's what we read the women's ratings for the World Cup America for America had like eighteen million or whatever and it was more than the man but the men's never been the finals so now it's not the world is the world wide person they have to split engine so like for the men's World Cup in Russia and by the way we like it no they said the women's had a higher rating than the men's World Cup in America when the man had the World Cup but America was in the finals sort America's I can tune in to see Brazil and the Netherlands now I will tell you as just one American now there are I know people and I will say this and this is all in a dude anecdotal as days like to say that a lot of my guy friends would tune in to watch that you would not no no I don't think what term would tune in if your country's in it more people tune in and it's just by the numbers all all as I would look at is the numbers it's just like you know if if you're really good quarterback or really good NFL player and because of you your team's winning it because of your selling more tickets and because of you there's more sponsorship yes you should be paid more your value is worth more because it's bringing in more dollars even though I'm not saying that these women athletes are exceptionally talented it still boils down on the money they're bringing in I was under the impression that they brought in well time now they have because of the winning the World Cup but when you look at it from the figures of how much total money is brought in by the U. S. A. men's team and that and then the women's team back the women percentage wise got ten percent higher than they should have based off the money that was brought in and look I had no problem it if now that the women seem they seem like the more popular than ever yeah why it just seems that way now I think the ratings will be better for them they should be rewarded because that more money is being brought in yeah I agree more money without I have no argument that the women's team should get more money we know there's really no their faces were hearing what they have to say I mean that that is not what it was five years ago and the writings may be up here domestically but FIFA since there the governing body is yes Lobel thing so they can't just take into account the domestic for a look it's like an oral exam it makes a mess right the prize money for the men's World Cup they had what two years ago or in Russia was four hundred million dollars that they're splitting because of the revenue of six billion dollars on and then the prize total prize purse for women's World Cup this year thirty million for take different names first second third fourth fifth and SO percentage wise although it's a lot less money the women get a higher percentage of the purse then the the men do I don't know yeah but it's just like a Joey chestnut and it's not a great analysis are you comparing Harrison not is the best in the world at what he does he does make money.

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