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His act willer aeronautical was better you go to top path tonight dinning and todd frazier gives the mets a much needed boost anything in okay as they get ready for the sixty out of weekend so by series this next week at least they can dare i say have a pulse at least you could say they have something to feel good about returning home that went all out the window in the bottom half the tonight that thing where and when he has just flat out implodes impose pause and that has been familiar script for the bullpen and it's been a familiar script fred when diaz who now has blown four saves in a last-ditch us he's a mess right now and you knew the mets were in trouble in the bottom half an inning when he walks the leadoff guy phase hernandez when you're up to runs carlson he threw three two slider i mean it you serious utah ninety seven ninety miles an hour europe to ron's let him hit ball he goes down hits that four hundred and fifty feet do you tip cat you move onto the next guy and sure enough the photo phillies made it went the as pay franco who killed them the entire series d. as doesn't elevate the fast ball high enough hits it over the fence dada game and then jeans the girl with the walk off homer to end the game so the mets have a dismal road trip they lose twenty three in atlanta they split foreign chicago let's be honest he should have won three or four and chicago if it wasn't for that sunday the bockel from google and then the mickey vargas stuff after the game and have one sense as they lose four straight games against the team that went into the series losers seven straight It's a team Norway say they're total mess right now. and the poster child the way i see it for the team struggles then yes we all know the bullpen across the board has been a nightmare the amount of blown saves the e._r. ahern harasses update if like eight and a half we get it total nightmare but the poster child for everything that is wrong with this team it starts with the trade the protein van wagon and made in the off season the robbi can all edwin d as deal is walking as bad as can be now you to trade at least i did and serious doubts especially long-term because i said you just took on this contract you gave up through top prospects in order to make this deal happen not the way i would have gone about things but you had to figure the first year to steal diaz who saved all these games with seattle mariners was going to be able to close games right now it went the pitching away five e._r._a. he will awful we've finished relievers in the past divall little at times they can be up and down and when the didn't have that much of a track record it was coming off a great twenty eighteen season but his track record was a limited sample size cra no you did not have a limited sample size you were talking about a player that raked with the new york yankees in seattle did the job there now i understand he's getting up there in age thirty six he's coming off steroid suspension but i was of the mindset at least this first year and he met uniform the robbie kenner was going hey i think it with age well thought your four year five at being nightmare but i thought twenty nineteen robbie can help the new york mets you will get this trade and you look at with diaz and what can know have done in a met uniform and just compare it for second with anthony swertz zach and what he's doing now with the atlanta braves and jay bruce and what he's doing now with the philadelphia phillies anybody gonna tell me and when the performing anthony sports zack i know i can't believe i'm making these comments but that's where we're at jay bruce nobody would argue that rob aquino's outperformed jay bruce you can't look at the amount of power production bruce's giving philly For power yet. Walk off, and on Wednesday, canot India has been total nightmare. And this is the same general manager. who came on this radio station and said where just as good as the braves where the team that beat within the national league east come get us while you can come get the mets eight games onto the five hundred mark because that is the product that brody vile agonists put together for this team and we spend a lot of time kill mickey callaway rightfully sell mickey at the end of this game defending can all He's coming out of his heart nonsense. and when he had a lecture still fall wednesday on what does that have to do with thursday's meltdown i'm getting sick and tired of hearing from mickey but i also understand this mickey's not the number one problem with this state they were poorly put together baseball team in so many different ways to this terrible terrible trade that was made a trade that looks awful now and it's only going to look worse if done a talent it ends up being a store in seattle got a terrible terrible defensive team guys playing all out of position abo- pen can't get anybody out a rotation that's not all world it's okay to grams binggrae august on the job but his anybody gonna look at his rotation states really been a difference maker They talked to big game in the off season. The general manager did now's blown up in his face. He made these wolves. What move exactly is working out for Brody van wagon and his centerpiece as baby was can only guess. Has pitcher will five Robby can hit two twenty. now exactly coming up roses for the first first g._m. come get us all right come get us eight games on the five hundred day for the mets returned home and there'll be some good news in the because you got to sixty nine stuff going on so i'm sure the mets will do it right over the next couple of days but it doesn't get any easier as the atlanta braves and all that talent and all their young talent will be full display friday saturday sunday for the keys no game friday no game on thursday they start to get ready for this two game set across the pond in london and the ankle's unfortunately got bad news when it comes to giancarlo stanton giancarlo stanton who injured his knee in tuesday's game leaves the game does imply wednesday you find out he's going on the i l. you find out he's not going to london but then cashman and london tells you he's not going to play and we're not going to see them Anytime in July. paul for a guy who thank you is finally starting to get a call twenty nine thousand nine hundred is shaping up to be a lost year for giancarlo stanton in the regular season he's not going to have his numbers is not going to have the forty home runs and one hundred plus orbi is but guess what for john carlos stanton in the uniform eight is about what you doing month of october that's what stanton's focus should be for the yankees in the meantime you look at their lineup even without stanton into mix i just wrote out a lot right now they've got gleyber torres at seven the same for has got like eighteen home runs is going to be a part of the all star game not as the starter but as a reserve that's why the yankees bringing in with encarnacion looks to be even that much smarter the yankee offense will be ale k. out giancarlo stanton and it's not to say they are better team without i'm not willing to go that far we're talking about a guy cheers ago when he m._v._p. in the national league they're not better without him it could survive without him for the time being mike top and we'll take place but i would guess after the all star break or maybe it's out at city field could frazier could be back here the question you wonder frazier though is he going to be a guy that the yankees looked to move in order to get themselves the big picture so the yankees will not have stanton for the series against the boston red sox and it's pretty crazy for boston team that had everything going their way season ago and it culminated with a world series heidel taken out in the los angeles dodgers and knock it out the yankees and the astros in the process right now there seems to be pretty significant gap between the enke's in socks and i'm not saying boston can't get back in his division race thick can Brennan, the better. thank you lana books better the yankee bullpen is so much better and i know some dope will call about bullpen right how about the fact that the red sox have had about eight or nine games that they've lost where they've had a lead after seven innings and then you're going to sit there and tell me that they have comparable bullpens they do not these games have wanted me to love for the red sox then they do the akis they just do the red sox at a team that's ten back loss did a team nine back the akis you find the what is with these two games you're a okay even if you lose both of these games not the end of the world the red sox got a whole lot of work to do if they're going to get back in its division and as i've said now for the last couple of weeks the yankees team that beat the alleys can't tell me otherwise it's five seventeen here on this friday morning it's chancy stansky right here on the fan we'll wrap it up whatever's on your mind the meltdown from thursday that can no d. as trade if you liked it then you got a lot of explaining the bill i don't like it long term short term it appears to be a total disaster we've got a lot on the yankees while more an n._b._a. free agency which should heat up and heat up in a big way so we'll wrap it up what he calls now at the lead is c._b._s. sports minute is bull rider the c._b._s. sports minute with the news leonard's considering being a los angeles laker it's time for adam silver the n._b._a. commissioner to consider something radical it's time to consider putting a stop to.

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