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Anytime you're gonna love the. Sundays there, the softest underwear you ever put on and they come with fun prints that you can match with socks or a bright. What the fuck is a bracelet. Would his Abreu it. I gotta look this up right now. Bracelet. Braila Braila NBA up. Hey, by the way. The show in season one on me, TV of seventy seven, sunset strip. A can't wait. I missed the first couple, but I, I got episode six, you know, it's crazy. Oh, is that Brolin? How do you say it. How do you say it? What say you. Throw the. I'm so dumb this. Okay, pronunciation. Parental acetate. Here we go. Come on. Come on Bradley. Brow lead. Brat lead, brat. Let. Brat led. All right, I got it. All right. Okay. They come a fun prince that you can match with your socks, your Brown, let they come with. One hundred percents satisfaction guarantee. If you don't love them, just send them back for a full refund. Miandi says a great off of my listeners for the any first time purchasers when you purchase any me undies you can get fifteen percent off and free shipping. This is a no brainer..

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