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Lisa lacerra, Fox News. President Trump in California today getting a firsthand look at the new border wall. Saying again, Mexico to continue to cooperate and keeping migrants from coming into the US shut it down, and we have to we're going to tariff the cars coming in that they make in Mexico we have to but Mexico's been doing a great job. I want to thank the president of Mexico. He's the first one he's really been doing the job. He's helping Mexico to not only economically and not only because I won't be forced to shut it down or do the tariffs Ashur people seeking asylum in the US the president calling it a hoax saying some of the people claiming asylum. Our gang members the democrat controlled house filing a lawsuit over President Trump's plan to use other funds to build the wall. Congress voted to block, President Trump from using billions of dollars from military construction and other funds for a border wall. That resolution was ultimately vetoed so House Democrats have filed suit in DC federal court arguing in a lawsuit the constitutions appropriations clause unequivocally gets congress to draw funds from the treasury. In a statement house. Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the lawsuit upholds the constitution from the president's brazen assault. The White House says the president is within his power to declare and take action for a national emergency. Fox's Jared Halpern on Capitol Hill. Twenty states have all. Filed suit Twenty-three-year-old ex-con authority say pretended to be a long this. From Illinois was charged with lying to the FBI. Brian Rini rather had told authorities that he was Timothy pitzer who went missing in twenty eleven a relative of a California woman kidnap on safari in Africa saying he wants to see the US send in navy seals to locate and rescue her of that's what it takes Kimberly Endicott in her local guy were taken hostage and Queen Elizabeth national park near the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is news. Eric has now it's time for the lens of liberty here. With today's installment is author speaker and activist. Helen, krieble, many farmers have been required. The place all as much as fifty feet or more from the property. We can all understand why potential issues with neighbors leave the sexual in the first place. But if we look through the lens of liberty. We might see them differently. We might realize that the best farm practices often mean putting buildings at the edge of the property not in the middle. That would also preserves the most open space for his whole to enjoy. If we farmer in America understands that. But convincing regulators politicians is another matter..

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