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Group Stocks open higher this morning with the Dow S and P and NASDAQ all moving higher in economic news. There were 340,000 jobless claims last week, slightly less than the expected 345,000. The Dow opened up 100 points about two hours into the trading day. The Dow is up 150 the S and P is up 20 and the NASDAQ is up. 65. The 10 Year Treasury is down one basis point yielding 1.29% or it was up a dollar 80 at 70 39 a barrel and gold is down. $2 at 18 11 announce. In corporate news. Shares of the apparel retailer Lands ends are down 4% after the company said profit margins were moderate in the back half of the fiscal year due to supply chain challenges. Chewy shares are down 9% after missing both quarterly earnings and revenue estimates, along with issuing a weaker than expected outlook and the pet products retailer also noted a higher than you unusual. Level of out out of stock products reporting from the Greenberg financial Group. This is Dylan Greenberg on Knsd. Just so you know, you can listen at home by telling Alexa play knsd on I Heart Radio. Yeah. Enjoy the stimulation. Gary Lewis with you. It is your morning ritual. I know the phones are Jam. We're going to get to you. Right here on canIs T. So I just I look at all this, and I'm like, man did. How do people not get pissed off at this point? Do you think that most people are going to say this is crazy? I mean, if you're you of a student or you work there, they're making me try to get a covid shot They're making you wear masks inside. Where is the outrage again? How if you want to just really make people's life a living hell, the county is now Pima County is now saying if for new hires for all new hires. If you're trying to get a job, I saw an ad for an I T but anybody that's applying for a job at Pima County. They are saying you have to be fully vaccinated in the 1st 30 days of your employment. Otherwise you You lose your job. The new job you got is gone. So they're making them get that. But if you're a covid positive, illegal, you just at the county pay for you to get everything you want. And by the way, the county doing that by by saying you have to get Fully vaccinated in 30 days. Release job That's illegal that I mean a Senate Bill 18 24 past. It's a law it starts September 29th 27 days from now. It says any government city town County any Subdivision, local subdivision government They cannot force you to get a covid shot any kind of vaccine. It's literally illegal, but here we go again. We're just like the city of Tucson. Pima County's like you. What are you gonna do? And where is the chin bra? Vince? Where your damn mask leach, where these people are not fighters, and we have county that are just running rogue like there's these are laws that are passed. It is illegal for Pema Canada do this. Well, we're just We're just trying to make sure that we keep it safe for everybody in blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. When was the last time you were hanging around a county worker besides in the office, Never. And even then they have masks they have. These are the shield. These are sick people. I just wish the county people would walk out. Walk out for a week. Well, I know you're afraid to lose your job if you don't stand up for something now, when he ever going to stand up for anything Right, And that's why people need to know this and hear this and realize what the heck is going on. Anyway. Um all right. Well, get your calls coming back. I know you want to talk, and I got to get to the Oshkosh. I've got to get to the the the radical Rex Scott Pima County supervisor asking about. Well, can we, uh, Can we mandate covid shots for every health care worker? Not just county workers, every health care worker. What's the definition of a health care worker? He got that info. I have it in my hands. I'll share it coming up on Can a state Tucson plans to join two lawsuits challenging New Arizona law's one changes the qualifications from members of police civilian review boards. The other is the ban on vaccine mandates by local governments. The City Council voted on the matter at a special meeting yesterday evening. A Republican candidate for Arizona State treasurer has now dropped out of the race. State representative Regina Kabul, instead become executive director of the Arizona Dental Association. She's now endorsing fellow Republican representative Jeff Winegar. I'm Don Nici Kunst Am 7 90 Tucson's most stimulating talk. Go early, staying late Travel stress freak and celebrate Spike what you're doing, Otis. The Bay Bridge needs a jingle. Yeah, telling people to cross the Bay Bridge early in the morning or late at night. Go early. Stay late. Travel stairs for, um, celebrate..

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