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Instead got a gut commit came in and handed you a template separate says your life is what you choose to be and I believe in concert with the way created you with the way you've DNA DNA. You were created to do a broad spectrum of things it's not. It's not very narrow but it's a broad spectrum of thing and so I I I I really like. It was one of the questions that I that I had. We were going to do later. But we're doing right now and that is talking about you talking about the connection with the spirit. I want to talk. LemMe see do I want it to. I WanNa take a break or do I want to get into this because this is going to be quite lengthy I think I think perhaps we should take a break because I have quite a bit to say on this. Okay uh-huh This is Charlie hedges. You're listening to the next chapter. After which are Lee. And our very special guest I performance consultant and chief spiritual guru of highly creative and productive people. And we're talking about power and we're talking about inner power now not not not.

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