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Can't get paid well to be an actor kazan in eagle mountain utah there's not a lot of great pain acting jobs this i know right well yeah i mean it into a i'm in more than that i d i don't want to put my family through like i play moving to california for example sure and uh going through a lot of it and then morally i don't necessarily really wanted to be an actor either because i don't want to write being things where i'm swear he's taken off blows or whatever exactly so what's behind the act let's go deeper than just the the role of acting because acting is nothing more than a function it's a role it literally it's a roll but it's it's it's a job as opposed to what the real passion is so let's go deeper when you're younger when you weren't down right now like you're in a rut right now what what's behind the acting what do you think you love the most that makes acting something you were intrigued with so there's a creativity there's a performance thing there are you at your core somebody who likes to perform the pressure when the lights on and people are staring at you you get a bit of a jolt because you know i got to deliver is that you yeah yeah that's what i thought and so i i i want you doing more discovery behind why the acting so you don't have to be an actor to fulfill your passion if your passion is performing making others feel good or distracting them from the reality or whatever it is what's behind the performance what type of performing do you like to do most and and so you can't necessarily act i think you can still be in your suites bonded and perform and so i'm wondering if teaching is not something that if you change your perspective in your mind said that you can actually turn the ship around i'm not trying to keep you are you're at i'm just asking you to reconsider and think through what you're doing because as a teacher at its core when you walk in.

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