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Paul Mccartney, Beatles, President Obama discussed on WTF with Marc Maron Podcast


I'm not sure, but it was for capitol records. It was the fifth annual capital congress where capitol records. Takes over the arc light movie complex over there or a couple of theaters, anyways runs events all day and Paul McCartney the beetle was the surprise guest, and I was the guy who got to do the talking to him. I was able to interview Paul, but I just want to set you up a little bit. So you know what you're getting into. It is a live event. There was a large audience air Paul, and I were both aware of that and being entertainers that we are. You know, there was an element of involving the audience in in terms of how we pay our conversation, which happens in a lot vent. I've not done a live w t f in a long time, and I've only done a few one on one live events that were later published his podcast and one of the best ones really one of the best podcasts that I've ever done in a lot of ways and a monumental moment for me was doing this type of thing with Terry gross. Several years ago at at bam in Brooklyn for radio event. And that turned out to be a great time as did Paul now, obviously, we all love the Beatles. And if you say that you don't love the Beatles, then there's clearly, you know, you really haven't processed it properly or or you're you're taking a stand for something. There's something fundamentally a little flawed. If you can dismiss the Beatles at all at once you might say like, I didn't like that one, but even that's weird, honestly, and I'm not trying to to to be judgmental. I'm just saying that Beatles songs are like they're almost like Christmas songs in a way where you know I'm a Jew, but I know most of the Christmas songs, at least the first verse there just in your head, they're they're almost biological Beatles songs in the brain. It's almost biological. They're just they've. They're all in there. Now some of us put effort into getting them all in their others. They just in there. You don't even know how they got. In there. It's there's an argument to be made that maybe we're, we're actually born with the raw elements of Beatles songs in our heads. They're just they're ready to gel. You know, they're in there when you're born, they just don't have the form. And then you know, as soon as you hear maybe two notes of any Beatles song magically the song just forms itself in your brain at a very early age. Sometimes prenatal, I think is what happens and within the first year, your brain just loads up with most of the Beatles songs. Now, obviously, as an infant, you can't be responsible for say, revolution number nine or some of the more esoteric stuff. Perhaps a couple of the bits on a magical mystery tour, but most of the other stuff is in there and you can't sing along with revolution ember nine really number nine. Number nine. Number nine. Number nine or perhaps, but even the melody of flying on magical mystery tour up up. Not a lot of words, but how can you forget that? That's probably the most prenatal be of song is the instrumental flying from I believe, magical, mystery tour. I reacted not unlike I did with President Obama when I was offered the opportunity to talk to him and Paul, I was sort of like, oh, man, really? You know, like I mean, what am I gonna? How am I? What am I gonna get? I mean, what am I gonna? I really am I going to do that eight. It happened again with Paul happened with President Obama, but he was president and Paul is a beetle oatmeal. I I would think a beetle probably bigger in some ways. The Beatles are you know, the president all the time, and they're magnanimous and all loving and the, you know, They, the. they don't govern per se, but they, they have governed us through many feelings and emotions and periods in our lives, and they continue to do so for generations and generations. Not gonna go away, but I don't need to plug the Beatles. The Beatles really are the they and they still have for whatever reason are the greatest. They really are. So why? Why would I be adverse to. To this amazing opportunity to talk to Paul. Yeah. Why was I.

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Paul Mccartney, Beatles, President Obama discussed on WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

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