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Know weather disasters here that that little really path to me i actually got interested in the third because my brother her the corner of scientist started talking his basement where um with the you know the survival food packages and um then my stepbrother of my cousin they were all sort of getting in on this trend in they're you know guys with guns who you know have a little bit of that preparations ability but um but i started hearing about this is sort of more and more mainstream and and then got interested in protecting the story um but yeah it's it's been uh i would say um shocking to a lot of people that this natural disaster pizza this what's driving a lot of failed instead of inflation and you know other forms of sort of social collapse it's really the said he sort of increase in natural disasters that are drunk driving a lot of the customers just got about twenty seconds left here but he's also extending into you know he's got moms you know look it's a suit on the go for their kids they have some soccer games i mean this is party they just very quickly yeah he had 10 percent of its customer lady are due campers or do we bought buying these foods uh as um just sort of recreational and the moms are doing it because they might have a sock game to get through and they have an emergency a sort of every day emergency of you know a give per thing meals and five different bhd the market is it's a fun story and everybody should i have a fund read this weekend it's the cover story of bloomberg business week amanda thank you cement a little vague that's contributor a bloomberg business week check it out and the magazine we do want to bring you though a developing story a london's metropolitan police telling shoppers to seek shelter and get off oxford street after reports of an incident on the most famous shopping street on this black friday police are responding as if it's a terrorist incident police it said no casualties though have been located at this stage an incident was reported in oxford circus underground station according to british transport police television images also showing images of armed police inside a department store so again cordoning off that area around oxford circus who continue to fall that story monitored stick with bloomberg for the latest business finance.

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