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Yeah, I'm saying Oh, yo. Okay, Lex. Here we go. Yes, I'm going to ask you the question that we've been asking for now, years years. Hmm. Is the walking dead. Still back. Yes, it is. Oh, yes. Okay, don, I think particularly curious to see how you will feel about what happened last night in last night's episode, because it looks like Darrell's hot love might be coming. Oh, that we've been wanting for for Oh, no. What do you mean God? Okay, the only one that wants this. Not love. No, it's okay. I just don't know He's so stinky looking. I just can't Oh, Jin, anybody he's so what phrasing was the issue, then? Thank you, Kenny. They missed it. They were not realizing what you and I realized where I took a drink of water, and I almost threw up on br those camera, But I've missed what happened. Don't worry about it continues. So, yeah. Darryl's Oh, Darryl. Oh, yeah. How's Darryl's hot love? Okay, It's coming along. Okay? Yeah. Parts. Here you go. Um, Leah's back, and so there's this whole initiation. That happens. Who the hell is Lee? Okay, that's that. Okay? Leah is the love that he in the cabin from before Oh, love from before the left. Okay, the episode where he or episodes where he met this woman in a log cabin. And she was helping him. He was living by the river trying to find Rick with dog. Right? Okay. That's Leo and dog found her and wanted to stay with her. Yeah, So it's just a dog is the actual name of the dog. Just if you're to follow along here named that's right. It's an actual dog person named Dog. So she's part of this whole other group called the Reapers and the guy who leads them. He's called Pope. Now. He has a very religious you are the chosen one. Very everyone's afraid of him Militant kind of leadership. Identity. Okay, so there's that. So there's some crazy things that happen and they want to initiate him. Yes, they are done because I haven't watched the episode. I have to watch it today. Okay, Kenny, I'll meet you at the coffee machine. You have to say this is good because I met Aaron over the weekend. Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron, with the morning Gloria hand, um at crypto con. So something kind of awkward, But cool happened, Um, with all of this, asking if it's back or not, but the actual episode itself. I'm really excited for the direction that they're going. I'm very happy. This is the last season. It's definitely took a turn. I can't wait. You know, Gerald, my favorite, so just to see How this workout shakes out What's going to happen with Leah. Something happens that Leah kind of has to. She's in some banks of how she where her alliances Where they was lie. There's a huge lie that Carol has to tell. It's just Oh, it's so good, Okay, like it's really back. So are real excited. So let me ask you something. So the Reapers are the ones in the masks that are there in the train from last that I remember trying to fight their way through and then they get through that whole train tunnel. And then they encounter these people in masks who are like ninjas? Yes. Okay, So she's a part of that is a part of that, and They take him captive. Oh, what happened, Darrelle? Yeah, See, I really usually don't like spoilers, but I do not care about the show at all. So I like to feel free to Yeah, you can tell you think I don't care. Okay, so he gets I'm not telling you a lot. There's a lot of things that happened that Whoa. Okay. Wow. I'm excited to watch it tonight, then. Yeah, your tone, Lex. I know I am myself even when you've said, And if you just tuned in, we're talking the walking dead my, even when she's listening to herself, Kenny, by the ways of the coffee machine. Well, he'll be coming back shortly, But, um, even when you've proclaimed that the walking dead is back in weeks Past. Yeah. Other weeks. Subsequent weeks you have no you haven't sounded as enthusiastic as you sound right now. Yeah, there was a little trepidation, trepidation. How much are we hate watching this at this moment, But since none of that right now, right? I'm really Curious to see where they're taking the story of her and there's other. They're not even at the other. We don't even see Eugene and Princess and all those guys. I think they're coming back. Next episode. Okay? I can only handle so much of that. Anyway. Exactly. You just want to focus on that one group. Okay, Great. And they're doing that, so okay. Wow. Yeah. Now over the weekend was cryptic con right, which is a horror convention and my husband and I we have a business. We were vendors there, so he was there all three days working the booth and everything I came on Saturday. And got to meet Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron, the one with the morning glory in his hand, Um, gay character, and, uh, Wow. He is a very popular man. There was always a line at his booth. He was very gracious with everyone that came by to see him even watching long videos. And you know, tive. Yeah. Wait. What? Yeah, there was a family in front of me watching showing him this video that felt like went on for minutes and minutes and minutes. Heaven help us. Yeah, there's social cues. Do a whole thing about what not to do it convention. Yeah, because there's some like he can walk away. You they seem to his booth. Yeah. So so there's there's that whole thing, too. But once I finally got to meet, it was very nice. And David and my talker had already prepped him. And he asked Alexis is the walking dead back? He did, which was really cool. But in that moment having to just having to explain what that question means, because we are shows of our Um, we kind of I mean, we think it sucks to a star of the show. And you I mean, the origin of that is even more convoluted because it goes back to you and ABC s revenge. I mean, that's the orange cheese right is the is revenge back because I like hated watch that too. That's where it started was weekly. I asked you because, like it's back, girls back, it's back and is revenge back. So that's true. Uh, yes. So then he's like, What does that mean? Exactly? And I go. Oh, Ross. Well, you know Sometimes when I watch the show There's different levels of like Whether I'm really excited about it or not, you know, and then I just start going vomit of them because I can't lie in the moment. I don't know what what to say. Other than just sometimes we, You.

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