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Live from the scoreboards force grill is the ninety five the sports hub blood drive now you're johnston and flynn on ninety five force patti 85 sports up ryan johnston mike flynn live from the scoreboard boards warren grill in woburn blood drive going on today for the american red cross got a little over an hour and a half to come down and donate a pint of blood first hundred donors are getting a free basket of wings from our friends here at the scoreboard they are topquality wings as well uh we're talking about this piece dad mike giardi wrote for csn any dot com couple of days ago about jimmy garoppolo and why he still a member of the new england patriots in which he just asked some unnamed scouts front office people a former patriots player who the played on the defensive side of the ball don't know who it is but all a name like what do you think bill season this guy oic why's he still here and the responses were you don't bill obviously thinks he's got the next guy he you know this guy's got all the tools eu's you're going to be able to pick up now whenever brady starts to decline like they're going to be able to plug biscuit annan and keep the machine right on rolling now the the former patriots players said pay you trade to the cleveland browns easily makes them a borderline playoff team feels that strongly about how good this kid can be you brought up the question oh mike and i think it's it's a significant one whether bella checks handling of this is an indication of how long he plans to and i think absolutely it is i think absolutely it is that if bill bellichik were planning on hanging it up in the next few years than i think he says you know what we ride brady into the sunset and then we walk away together and if he's got two years left three years left great will try to win his medical uv rays we doug your ratings done i'm gonna go pop on my boat hopefully by then its name eight rings and we we had often you'll go do some fishing instead he's planning around the future.

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