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A main man is facing charges of attempted murder after allegedly attacking three New York City police officers with a knife in Times Square on New Year's Eve. All three officers are out of the hospital, the suspected attacker, 19 year old Trevor bickford, remains hospitalized after being shot in the shoulder. Sources tell the New York Post that wickford was already on the FBI's watch list after recently being radicalized. The man accused of stabbing and killing for university of Idaho students plans to waive extradition. Bryan co burger's attorney, chief public defender, Jason lebar, says co burger's parents are supporting their son. They're trying to stay off of the media. What they're hearing is not the Brian. They know and love. So it's really out of character. Labar said on Saturday that waving extradition to Idaho is a procedural issue. 28 year old coburger was arrested last week in Pennsylvania, his home state. Next extradition hearing is set for tomorrow. U.S. senator Richard blumenthal is calling for airline reform, after Southwest Airlines, canceled and delayed a huge number of flights. The Connecticut Democrat is proposing a passenger Bill of rights, which would require airlines to provide refunds and fair compensation after flight delays caused by the airline. Between 2020 and 2022, California's homeless population expanded more than in any other state. As according to the latest census data, which shows that the homeless population in the state grew by nearly 10,000 in that span, raising the total to over 170,000. California also accounted for nearly the entire national increase between 2020 and 2022. The Powerball jackpot continues to grow tonight's jackpot in the multi state lottery game will be worth at least 265 million, as for Tuesday's mega millions jackpot. That will be worth at least $785 million. Nearly all winners take the cash option which for tomorrow's drawing would be an estimated 395 million. I'm Tammy trejo. It's a new year, and that means a host of new laws in states and cities across the country are now in effect. Michael kasner reports. 27 states will see minimum wage increases in 2023, the minimum wage in Washington state will increase to $15, 74 cents. That's the highest rate in the U.S.. Meanwhile, California and Washington will now require employers to share information about their salaries to prospective employees beginning January 1st. And Maryland and Missouri will be the latest states to offer legalized recreational marijuana. On Michael castner. Daniel dry January challenge is underway. Psychologists and healthcare providers say dry January offers a reprieve a reset and a chance reflect on the influence alcohol can have on a person's life. It's a day for people to vow to trade the haze of a hangover for 31 days of mental clarity, doctors say the train can offer a range of health benefits, including feeling more alert and well rested. They say it's really about examining your relationship with alcohol. Former president Trump is blaming the issue of abortion for Republicans falling short of expectations in November's midterm elections. Mark Mayfield with the details. In a post on truth social Sunday, Trump noted that many in the GOP handled the issue poorly, especially those who firmly insisted on no exceptions to bans on the procedure. It also defended himself, saying he's not to blame for the party's performance. Exit polls showed abortion was among the most important issues for voters in the midterms, along with inflation. I'm Mark Mayfield. Several thousand New Yorkers are patting themselves on the back today. After they participated in Coney Island's annual polar bear plunge, they took to the Atlantic Ocean, New Year's Day, buoyed by balmy 50° weather. The water off Brooklyn's Luna park was just 43°, but polar bears said the icy dip was worth it. The annual plunge dates back 120 years, its annual fundraiser for charities, and it helps to usher in the new year. I'm Tammy trujillo. And dived in these Pellegrini and the Bloomberg newsroom. They've closed the books on 2022. It's a new trading year and some including Michael purvis, CEO of tal bec and capital adviser, is probably glad to put the toughest year for the S&P 500 since the financial crisis behind them. From 2022, what I certainly got wrong coming into it was the persistence of inflation, which I underestimated inflation, which means I underestimated underestimated rates, which means I overestimated the PE that the S&P 500 would maintain. And purpose with us there on Bloomberg radio, rebound first stocks in Europe, the German Dax gaining more than 1% and in Paris, the cat cup almost 1.9% London closed for the long weekend holiday. In Asia, South Korea's Cosby slipped about a half a percent as a country limits travelers from China on COVID concerns travel stocks getting especially hard hit. Tesla's stock to watch as we head to the U.S. open tomorrow, the EV maker delivering a record number of vehicles last quarter, but still missed estimates. Investors in the U.S. on inflation alert, with the next fed meeting in February, and the monthly jobs data coming out this Friday. And then all the carnage on Wall Street in 2022 drugmaker Merck actually had its best yearly gain in more than two decades, more from Bloomberg's Charlie pellet. Denise Merck was the top performing drug maker in the S&P 500 in 2022 as investors rewarded the company for strong earnings and upbeat clinical trial data, the stock gained 44% last year and is now trading at a record as the maker of the blockbuster cancer drug keytruda, an HPV vaccine gardasil got a boost from the companies solid earnings results. Denise? Thank you, Charlie. 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