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Can you do on your on with the most amazing creative repower house really of animators model makers set builders? And they all know what they're doing. And I've worked with many before. And it's nice that I don't have to say a lot and they get they get what you mean. That's the beauty of having how to let experience, but yeah, we have like thirty five animators on the production eight hundred different set. So we're shooting thirty five or forty different sets every day in the different lighting setups. So getting around those those people is are mega task each animator might shoot two or three seconds day, which I know to anyone outside sounds not much. But I am nation terms. That's flying really either. Sometimes if we get a minute done in a week, that's really cruising. You know, Butler champagne we talked about a few of the characters already. But do you have a personal favorite? You've got to love the mole. Really? I mean, even the evil courage. If you've gotta love them, otherwise you wouldn't put them in. You know, you wouldn't especially in comedy. I mean, I like them all in different ways. I I loved Doug. I feel an affinity with Doug is he is sort of shy but full of beans and full of enthusiasm is reluctant hero. He he leads from the back, but I enjoyed being Hawkin up. I was quite something. They're real bronze EEO football team were they based on any particular people. Well, no. And I think we have to steer clear of being too much like anybody, really. So they were somewhere sort of equivalence but a bit different. There was one that look a little bit like Wayne Rooney on our team on the on the stone age tea, but he didn't speak like him. It wasn't meant to be him. There's a famous football plan. Bobby charlton? He's one of the great heroes in the UK in football. And he's got a Newcastle Geordie accent. So we had one who looks at like him with Jodie accident had a lot of fun material for people who are football or soccer fans. But you also have a great store that even if you don't it's very heartwarming story. Oh, thanks. Thank you. I mean, we we wanted to wanted to be a football sports move. He then didn't appeal to all the none football fans at the same time wants to be enough enough that you know, for the football fan. So there's there's a lot of football fans worked on the film, but gave me ideas, and and contributed ideas and references. Yeah. So hopefully, you'll let it enjoy it either way. You also have the pigeon who sends messages between lurk Knuth and the Queen. How did that idea surface? You know in a stone-age, film you and you've gotta influences. Like, the Flintstones where they just deal kinds of how do the stone age have technology on the equivalent of modern technology without how do they communicate to they use smoke signals or or what? And this idea came up of this pigeon, which we refer to as the message bird. And here's like the Queen has trouble using the message birth as if it's like a a cell phone or either modern technology, and it was great fun. And I'm not sure people know here, rob Brydon. Here's a great comedian and the UK and hit it the voice of the message bird, mimicking the Queen whose Mary mobilised rob actually played about four characters in the film. He also played the two football commentators there based on commentators known in the UK. But yeah, we had great fun with the message bird at how to describe it. Really? But he's mimicking. He appears in law office, and you speak into his ear Henny mimic. The person that speaking. So it's a bit like watching somebody on Skype or FaceTime. Message. It's a message bird go on make it..

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