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And you hear a wildlife case, sometimes it doesn't translate to as significant a crime. Almost like, yeah, but that's not a real crime. And I'm not saying it's the judge's fault, but I'm just saying the system is not geared to just fry people for a while life crimes. And to those of us on this side of it that love wildlife want, like our play in this game, this conservation game, like we see how serious it is, but when the next guy is a guy that murdered somebody and it's like, it's a little bit. You know, I kind of agree with that, but you know, you need your law strong enough to stop other people from participating. And where is that? It's like, how do you price your product? Will price it as high as you can until it quits selling and back off a little bit, you know? Yeah. So when Louis Dell and Charlie and stony Edwards, Charlie's son told me this when Louis he's the one that brought it to my attention. When Louis del and Charlie were doing what they were doing back in the 80s and 90s, literally it was like a misdemeanor ticket, like if you killed a Turk got caught killing turkey, which they did a couple times. Pay a $325 fine, go to the courthouse, pay the money, go back and kill another one. You know, Charlie said, well, it's cost me about 40 cents a bird. Because he got caught one time, but all the ones he killed. He divided the amount of birds he killed to the ticket. And so it literally was like a game. It wasn't the punishment. Today it's not like that. They are taking vehicles and RT did say one of the guys has vehicle taken away, put a lien on his house till the fines were paid. There were some significant stuff. But yeah, that's the yeah, because it's basically he risked his life. Yeah. I mean, it's like a good perspective. That he risked his life for a pretty low key. Yeah. Yeah. Well, you know, in the end, you know, what I want to say is that, you know, we're all massively supportive of law enforcement, what these guys are doing. The sacrifice that they're that they're given to protect our wildlife and our right to hunt and our basically the integrity of the whole system. So when you go out and don't commit a crime and have a good hunt and take an animal, that is as much a part of the whole system as RT going undercover and busting these guys and it's like to me it's like one big thing. We got to have it. So

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