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Joe nuxhall, obviously Jeff Brantley, but I'm really gonna miss your broadcasting. I hope you have a great hero broadcasting Marty. Joe, I appreciate your call. I appreciate your comments pal. Thank you very much. All right. Let's go to Lou and fort Mitchell. Lou you're on with Marty Brennaman. Hello, Mr Moreno. Then we're good to go. What's happening? Martin was called a few other sports in his day. Basketball. Are you time out here? Louis you remember the BBN I answer where you are aware. Then that I did the famous Christian Leitner game. Wow. Yeah. I did that game at the spectrum in Philadelphia. Wound from an open wound. You feel bad about Christian Leitner still don't you? You got you people got to turn the page on that Christian leaders are pretty decent guy. He was probably a jerk, Dan. But he's a nice guy now, but I and I say this in all seriousness it in my career. I've been fortunate because I was a part of a game that many people feel the best baseball game that's ever been played. And that was game six of the seventy five World Series when Carlton Fisk hit the home run to send the series to a seventh game. And then a lot of people feel like that Duke Kentucky game was the best basketball game ever played even though it went against Kentucky. I can't argue with retirement I have a proposal for you that I can make happen. I'm open to all of them. Go ahead Marty. I would like to invite you down to contract with the Cincinnati cyclones's. Have you call a few games next season? If you're. The Cincinnati cyclones. I wanna hear you call hockey. I can't do that. Lou can't. I know I sound like a damn fool if I did.

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