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Colorado Sheldon Fall into poverty Colorado could also see a half. Million New People Enroll in Medicaid this year because of the loss of employer-based coverage. I'm Eric Gladys. and. This story may have got lost in the sauce, but t mobile merged with sprint a few months ago. It's already begging off of some of its promises, and that raises alarms with workers advocates when the California public. Utilities Commission approved the merger in mid April t mobile promised to create one thousand jobs in California and roll out a five G. Network in four years now it's laying people off and says the five G. Network will take at least two years longer. Longer blaming covid nineteen frank, Arce with the communications workers of America, says the company's pre. Merger Pitch was untrue. It just was to me very much Bayton switch. You let us manage. We're going to bring so many jobs to California. especially in those neighborhoods where it's really needed the union, which Does Not Represent T. mobile sprint workers opposed the merger at the CPU see hearing in two thousand eighteen and predicted the merger would result in a loss of thirty thousand jobs nationwide. I'M SUZANNE POTTER IT IS FILING The company, said the COVID, nineteen crisis makes the imposition of a mandate to create additional jobs infeasible awarded it. The CPU see consider. The proposal expected issue a ruling sometime later this year. This is penis. A new report finds five generations of Americans are family caregivers in twenty twenty. The study from the National Alliance for caregiving and AARP finds the country has added nine point five million caregivers since two, thousand, fifteen or fifty, three million in total phase fan from the silent generation to generation Z. Ruby Hutton pits is the state director of Aarp Oregon. Caregivers are just the backbone of a system in our country that hardly get. Get the kind of credit that they deserve Hon Pitts says folks are living longer and prefer aging in their homes, surrounded by family, members, friends and neighbors. The report finds an increase in the number of caregiving, young people, millennials makeup, twenty three percent of caregivers and generation. Z. Makes up six percent for public news service. I'm Eric. Teknaf that survey also finds spend an average of nearly twenty four hours a week providing care. For now Minnesota. Voters, the absentee ballots will not need a witness for the August primaries more Nath from Mike Moen. Minnesota Law requires people voting by mail to have another registered voter sign as a witness, but several groups contend that requirement should be lifted because of health risks associated with the pandemic. Jonathan Diaz is what the campaign legal center which is representing the League of Women Voters in a lawsuit challenging the statute for voters don't have an eligible witness already in their household, but when it's requirement basically forces them to choose between either interacting with somebody outside of their old, and exposing themselves to the risk of Covid, nineteen or not voting all a ruling from a separate lawsuits, the requirements should be lifted, and the secretary of State plans to way with this August because of that decision. However in the League of women, voters case, the judge declined to grant a consent decree. That would ease such rules. The judge said the decree did match the level of concern raised by the plaintiffs. Finally Mary Sherman tells US forecasters continue to predict that the annual harmful algal bloom on Lake Erie will be slower than the two thousand, nineteen blue, the latest weekly early season projection from Noah estimates on a scale of one to ten of loom with the severity between three and five four. Johnson is director of the National Center for Water Quality Research at Heidelberg University which releases the projection. She says that's a smaller bloom than others in recent years. It's probably gonNA affect the areas that are affected no matter what so, that's going to be. Were that Mommy area, but we don't expect it. We'll have nearly the extent as what we saw in two thousand fifteen when it was taking up the whole Western basin, twenty nineteen bloom had a severity index of seven point three and reached a maximum size of about seven hundred square miles. The typical bloom season from July to October. This is my Clifford for public news service. We are member. Melissa supported and online at public news service DOT ORG it's.

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