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Seventeen returning starters, nine on defense, and while vita, they is a huge loss on the defensive tackle spot. The rest of the DA's back. I actually have Washington list as my number five defense in the country, including my number two defensive backs, and then offense. You know, Jake Browning went from forty three touchdown passes two years ago to just nineteen last year. I think he regained at sixteen four miles Gaskins top thirteen. Hundred yards, rushing three straight years, and my number thirteen raided offense of line. So if they get passed over and a big, if they will be favored and all the rest of their games. So they're minus two hundred to reach the playoff according to the west gate, which I mean, let's face it. Pac. Twelve left out last year. They were left out the year with Christian McCaffrey if they get blown out maybe two touchdowns or so by Auburn, like what do you make of the pack twelve chance, even if the huskies run the table and suffer an early loss. But we saw last year SEC teams. Yeah. And I think if that happens this year, if Washington loses Auburn, you can almost right the pack, twelve right out of the playoff picture because if it gets to be end of the season, the way project right now I'm looking at possibly and undefeated, Alabama and they'll probably be a double digit favorite. And every single game this year versus perhaps an undefeated Georgia, which would be favorite and every game. And if Washington's got a lost to Auburn, the third best team in the SEC that's going to wipe them right out the. Picture, we would have to see teams make the playoffs again. So that's a huge game not only for Washington, but the Pac twelve is a whole because I think nationally folks are really down on them, especially after their bowl performance last year when Utah was the only team that manager winnable game. So speaking of Utah fill, you have them as one of your selections. One hundred to one school a little bit into that. Obviously, you know, hundred to one, you're looking for looking for value, not saying it's going to happen saying it could happen, talk Mila bit about Utah. Fourteen returning starters this year when you look at them -fensive -ly last year was the first year for their new offense coordinator. Troy Taylor coming in, and Tyler Huntley was off to a great start, and then humbly got hurt, and it took them a couple of games to get back in sync and it really he didn't have the good second half of the area in the first year. Huntley's back. He's got old object huddle at the QB position. But Zach moss is a guy who want us talking to coach winning EMMY. So. The the lights which went on that midseason and we saw that moss finished with eleven hundred seventy three yards. Rushing. They've got one of the best receiving course. They've had under Wittingham the offense of line deep and salad and defensively, you know, these guys are always good Bradley and underrated defensive end chase Hanson moves down from sixty linebacker. So they are very good team. Then you look at the schedule..

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