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A two thousand thirteen volume of the Harley Quinn series. Takes this idea one. Step further making Harley Quinn into a full on anti hero and completely eliminating Batman and the joker from her story line here. She has returned to her work in psychology and move to coney island where she is a landlady and plays in a local roller Derby leak. She also starts on again off again relationship with her longtime best friend. Poison Ivy likely inspired by the increasing normalization of LGBTQ relationships and US society and media but whatever the broader cultural factors that played into the change for many holly fans it boiled down to get another major and empowering step for the girl scouts of abuse and into her own identity Harley. Quinn has definitely changed with the Times. But as we mentioned when DC characters start crisscrossing between storylines sometimes their characters develop in inconsistent ways. And that's been case for Harley Quinn Weiland twenty ten series Harley Quinn. She's moved on from both her experiences of abuse and her villainy she's so lucky and some other parts of the DC universe namely the two thousand Sixteen Live Action Film Suicide Squad in which she portrayed by actress Margot Robie. Although Robbie's performance garnered approval from critics and Harley fans alike the film as a whole was largely panned perhaps in part because it presents. A bit of backtrack for Harley rather than the liberated anti hero if DC's contemporary comex the film introduces Holly in the scene described at the start of this episode. She's a federal prisoner and she still in love with the joker throughout the we do see her building relationships with other villains exhibiting strength and bravery and ultimately towing that anti hero line. She has landed on her comics. She also seems intent on remembering where she comes from and insist to a fellow villain that he should own his past but these flashes of real character a contextualised by the overall narrative inconsistency of the film and unfortunate tendency to rely on two dimensional lazy characterization in Harleys case that characterization leans on a dark version of the manic pixie dream. Girl stereotype the excitement of her character stems from her kookiness and unpredictability. Which is all about an exterior gays about the pleasure of the viewer rather than the character herself and all had drives and desires seem to revolve around her man. This characterization culminates in a confusing scene. Near the end of the film the primary antagonists the entrance fills harleys mind with images of what she could be if she gives permission for the government. This is presumably. Harleys alternate desire the ultimate temptation in the sun-filled suburban kitchen. It's the morning holly's had is full of colors. Her skin is glowing with health and has smile is gentle and happy in her arms is a baby and by signed is her man the joker but he too looks different. He's clean cut in a suit. His dark hair is slicked back neatly. And he's bending down to gently kiss another child. This is it the dream everything holly wants. That is to say a happy quiet life with her man. Then something just as strange as the vision happens. Holly rejects the insurances temptation. Apparently this is because as far as she knows. The joker is dead. The enchant truce is evil. And she is brave and strong enough to stand up for humanity and her villain compatriots in the face of true evil. She sees through the fantasy this some of the classic Harley Quinn Intelligence here as well as strengthen independence that she has gained in the DC comics but considering the way the movie has portrayed her otherwise it feels a bit like a pandering Gulf power moment rather than a real commitment to a truly emancipated Harley. Still Holly Story is far from done. It's a rations. Just keep coming and a new two thousand nine thousand nine TV show and twenty. Two thousand film. Appearance are changing things for the character yet again coming up another. Holly Quin this time for the girls now back to the story in the two thousands the abused Harlequin of the nineteen ninety s Batman. Storylines had several pitchy unity's to develop and change in the DC comics. She became an increasingly strong and independent figure by calling it quits but the joker she was able to find her off as an anti hero rather than a villain in the DC live action films character was more regressive while it didn't take her back to her mold as it left her freedom and independence mired in Dark Manic Pixie. Dream Girl stereotype. One that seems predicated on male fantasies but the suicide squad character has been extremely popular and not just with the boys that's impart because of Margot Robie talent at playing the role with Chom poignant's and possess she leaned into the camp of it all and gave what many critics have called the most impressive performance of the film leaving room for yet another Harlequin on February seventh twenty twenty a new Harlequin film opened in theaters. Birds OF PREY. And the fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn first of all it's notable that the film is produced by Mago Robbie herself and that she has been actively working on the film through most of its development. It's also written and directed by women unlike suicide squad and it features a Moseley female cost. That doesn't mean the film won't fall into some of the traps of suicide squad. And other DC films that have been panned by critics but longtime Harley fans will likely be happy to see that the film is at least emancipating her from the joker and getting her a bit more up to speed with the comic for Carly. But the emancipation of the birds of Prey Harley Quinn may be about more than just losing her man and going Solo. Holly has self Nerissa life in this film as in. She's actually doing voiceover narration. That means more agency over her story and potentially more liberated holly we also see holly working with other so called. Dame's in Gotham city and building. Apparently supportive genuine relationships with them. She tells another character. You are so cool. And there's no irony there. She Serious on top of that. Holly is less sexualize wearing shorts instead of underwear throughout most of the film and a loose atop a small change that signals a deeper shift in the cameras gays when it staring down Holly. We're here for Robbie's acting not her body as a ways in the comic world each new piece of the character puzzle integrates with the pre existing ones and then takes his own liberties. But even if the film doesn't bring us home with an amazing live action Harley. We have another. Yes another Harley to rely on for the independent onscreen villain it's teasing the holly of DC's new online animated series Harley Quinn.

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