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Got complete closure northbound and southbound do the parade going on Alex raspy newsradio WFLA cool and comfortable this weekend with abundant sunshine both Saturday and Sunday Saturday topping out near sixty eight degrees under those sunny skies but Saturday night temperatures fall into the upper forties by Sunday morning after that chilly start those temperatures rising to near sixty seven for a high Sunday afternoon we will see clouds move in Sunday late afternoon ahead of a rain chances that go up on Monday on the water today winds north at about fifteen to twenty knots these two to three feet that news channel eight meter all just Amanda Holly from the auto bell hearing aid studios this is news radio WFLA with special guest white snake in night ranger July eleventh at mid Florida credit union at the theater keep it on a in Tampa Bay all week to win tickets from news radio WFLA the game of football is about pain I was I was five years old it's been all about football it's been about running jumping blocking tackling stopped playing at thirty one you're listening to Michael Robinson your I thought that the pain was going to be with me for the rest of my life I'm so glad I'm a goofy I'm so glad that those are supports in my shoes I have terrible foot.

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