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He was really really pushing for Sally's address. Which of course we weren't going to give him? It seemed clear. Finance was asking for information he could easily get elsewhere to Mike. Appoint or send a message. But wasn't clear was the motivation behind his refusal to answer any of our questions cooties apparent contempt of Australians journalists and seemingly sally most most of all be behind he's reluctant to answer the questions or does he have something to hide. If as marine indicated this was all such a strain why wouldn't fan in an going out of his way to put it all did did send another litter to finance a guy in enclosing the questions. I put the seven news address. Not Sally's as the matter editor of recording. An interview is one for us not sally. It seemed odd. That finance was intent on blaming Sally this rather than directing his anger towards us as we are responsible for the podcast. And all of the recordings for it at this stage Fernandez still our only connection to the entry cod. Marian allegedly woodley filled out when she returned to Australia on the second of August. Nineteen ninety-seven as you might recall. Who knew time was flora Bill Rammell from Luxembourg the ad from Lithuania Stralia? In nine hundred ninety four from Mr Remco fitting finance exact age and description when the post office box at Lennox head it makes him a possible connection. We need to know who marry in caught up with in the UK. They was one person she mentioned prior to departing Australia dryly back in one thousand nine hundred seven. Remember the name Susie Cooper. She was the teacher who came out from England on exchange or Marion worked at at the southport school in the nineteen nineties. The pig hit it off and when Marion decided to embark on overseas adventure susie cooper with someone she. She intended to catch up with trying to track. Suzy down has been very difficult. It's taken a lot of effort by sally and a large group of our fluids but but he in a strenuous and in the UK. I lead time when Sally former teachers I'd Mandy and Super Sleuth. Sam Madryn started digging through archives school documents at various is this is how Sam described it in an email smile. Hi Sally after coming through a number of TSS. Yearbooks bulletins and articles on truth to the possible months I came across the mentioning mentioning of a Susan Kupa in one of the many. Tss Weekly school at us. I've previously fish the nineteen ninety four but I had no luck then I tracked down the Nineteen Ninety six and the nineteen ninety seven inches. Still never mentioned before finally accessing the nineteen ninety five issue and on the twenty-first issue there was Susan Kupa many many hours spent at the State Library Queensland Anything Archives and the Jackass. What Sam discovered was this light-hearted mention of Marian and Suzy in a school newsletter dated Thursday August Seventeen nineteen ninety-five? We welcome back to prep this week. Mrs Hi Stan. Mrs Wilson who formerly represented us as delegates to the first southern hemisphere. Miss Fear Round Squibb Conference. Plenty of referencing will be necessary to Misra Weiner shore and Mrs Marian Bhatta who host to delegates and rumors that Marian is to fly out to the likes district to join Susan Cooper Headmistress Avello Riots Simmons a not true at least for this week when Sam found the name of the school where Susie taught she went into detective mode from misinformation was able to look up the school and found they had produced. I One hundred fiftieth year. History book written for Saint Ann's which made reference Susan Kepa throughout the book also right at the end. They named the heads of the schools from nineteen sixty three until present and underneath the preparatory school. ellerey there was Mrs Susan Beckett Kepa who was the headmistress from nineteen eighty six to two thousand five and you wouldn't believe it but they happen to be sickened susie Cooper working at the same school after emailing the school and the go committee. I came in contact with another super. Who was a teacher at the school but she didn't follow me that when she accepted position she had to change the name to Mrs Lacey? Ezell was already a super working there and from the an email exchange began we Mrs Lucy. The other super how some I believe sooner husband moved to the Bod Sierra have tried to locate just were but cannot find So have message to one of the teachers who was Ellerey with me to ask if she knows where they all. Can you send a photo of marine to my email and I will put this on my facebook. Page asking friends to push his on this. I guess it is the not knowing is the worst. I'm very shocked. Please did not take it more seriously. Though some my thoughts and prayers to sally and just tape she can find some answers in say. In the meantime though Sleuth Christina was on the case in the United Kingdom Kim she managed to find the real susie cooper at Barrow in Furness following Sam Sharing Dean newsletter from from Nineteen ninety-five on the sleuths creep. I joined a fee facebook groups for Windermere and post saying that I was looking for season. Keeper Sir the ex headmistress of the school mentioned in the newsletter lady replied to me and said that a couple of years ago Susan was a member uh of the Royal Windermere Yacht Club and she had moved out to Barrow in furness which is about thirty miles from windermere so we then in had a location to focus on. I also started looking on ancestry for marriage records and had spotted a potential lead after learning from the slaves group that Susan's maiden name was clock and there was a marriage record for a Susan Crock to an NBA. Cooper I I did a search of the online beatty phonebook. For the cernan Cooper in the area of barrow-in-furness. There were a number of results. There was an Ian Cooper. I thought it was a long shot but I gave the number of cool a man answered and I told him my name. The I had found his number in the first book. And I was looking for a Susan Cooper. He said yes I said. I'm looking forward the season Cooper who was the headmistress of the school in Ed Array windermere again he just said yes. I explains that I understood. She had visited Australia in one. Thousand nine hundred five and I would like to speak to her about that. He went to get Susan and she came to the fine. She had an older sounding voice like she was elderly. So I tried my best to explain who I am. And I'm helping a lady former strata. Whose mother is missing and it's someone we think she met and I was really glad? We'd founders. NDAS we've been searching for some time. I said I understood that. During her visit to Australia she got on very well with the teacher called Marian Baltar. She didn't recall the name to start with and ossified is talking about in Sydney. I said this would have been Queensland. She explained that she he was in Australia for three or four weeks as a delegate for the Round Square conference so she wasn't an exchange teacher but she was a teacher visiting from the UK AK during her visit. She went to several parts of Australia. Including Sydney Queensland and Kens. She said that when she was in Queens man man she remembered it was an boy school she visited and she stayed with the lady who was one of the teachers at the school. I asked if it was the southport school goo and although she couldn't remember the name from the few little things she said to describe this go. It sounded very much like it was. She said the lady she stayed with was a teacher at the school. Who taught the younger boys and she described her as a cracking teacher? And I was thinking this is sounding like Marian. Anna Yasser this teaches home was very pretty and Laura Ashti type style. She said it was an described Harris arrest slightly hippie which said in a nice way and I said this really does sound like Marian I could tell the as she was talking small details house becoming back to her. She remembered that Marianne had told her about the dangerous spiders in Australia but not to worry as they were hardly seen in the area Maria but later when Marian changed bedsheets there was one what they're on the bed and Marian. Put the spider into a jar. I asked her. How long she he stayed with Marian and she said it was about a week then she went up to king's I asked if she ever.

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