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Dixon. Let's get a look at your money here. Spencer McGowan. With net Worth Radio, the S and P 500. The Russell 2000 Small stock index up about a half a percent on the day, the Dow Jones industrial average back just under 30,800. West Texas Intermediate crude topped $56 a barrel for the first time since the pandemic correspondingly, Texas Pacific land representing nearly a million acres of Texas land actually went up almost 4% topping $900. That's a 24% gain so far in 2021 just for find Gamestop rally back to $102 about a 12% gain, But you gotta watch that one by the minute. I'm supposed to make it. Now and President McGowan Group. Net worth radio dot com News information. Time is for all four. Let's get a look a right now. Traffic near forming on Highway 80 Once pond past Clements Drive, an accident was cleared out of the way. Just in the last few minutes. That left a back up two pence enrolled in Garland on 6 35 East founded Ferguson. There's a stall in the right lane in Dallas tonight. 20 eastbound on Highway 3 10 erect blocks the left lane. It's slow from Bonnie View on I 35 North founded, saying Boulevard to crash blocks, too, right lanes near the FW Airport on one of the three westbound at American Boulevard and accident is reported headed Fort Worth on East Lupe 20. South founded Trinity Boulevard, erect blocks the left lane that's backed up on 1 83 with Kayla have traffic. I'm Bill Jackson. Now let's get a look in your 5 70 K L I f news and information forecast. Sunshine today with a high around 70 Tomorrow cloudy skies with a high of seventies. Well and.

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