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Oh now's like missile if she's mad. I was like all right that's like are you get to do that. It's terrifying makeup pimple palm yeah yeah I like of a very I'm not going to say what I was going to say. Okay number eight number eight Robin Akiba. We're rappers now rappers guy. I say we almost like a bunch of leaders who were like. They're not schools they like hey we want to flaked or whatever but one guy josh who I believe is here said Hey. I've got like a friends. They have a jam. We have a guitarist we have keyboardist and we have a freestyle rapper grammar. You could send the other two but they didn't recycle wraps freestone stick around for that number number seven meeting in the middle of North Korea okay number six Robin Akiba gets super into Brunch Punch the late breakfast all right I number five only rob gets the drummer. I don't know what's going on number five. If you like Robin Akiva Safa murder you'll love Robin Akiva commit a war crime number. Four R marriages are trash now after the pimple copy. I feel like they upswing yeah. Yes three Robin Akiva doing taxi number two. I can't believe it's just juster. I didn't see that long. We just Mike Bloom just wrote that now because Ruth whose kids in the room and I couldn't say the other number two patriots show today and the number one idea that Robin Cuba will not somebody's are good these we should actually the number one idea the Robin Akiva I will not doing a podcast brand steel World War Two there you go. I can say us. Give us a music after you all right all right now. We have a great ground yourselves now. I know a lot of people who were here as friends but we we have anybody that in the crowd. We're looking for couples but how many couples are here together. Tonight is one anything now up. Oh I don't know what that is but that would be one and a half okay now. We're looking for a specific kind of couple talked to tonight on the show. Keep a couple of we we want got a couple where one of the people knows why they're here and the other person was completed a lot of hand shot and a lot of people were absolutely dragged here and do not know what is going on. We have several we have several. Let's let's go back there. Please you guys come up. You guys are pretend to know your name. Okay all right. Come on come on guys is names okay. You can pick that up with Mike Sam Yeah you hold them so we have another Kevin. There's like five Kevin's here. I'm Melissa. I'm Kevin Okay Michener's cats what that is you ever see..

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