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The list is up on our website at komonews dot com. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news and Mason county rescued two sailors who were stuck on some cliffs under the steel bridge yesterday, the sheriff's officer, Jim people not to hike out of the steel bridge in the Olympic forest coming up after we check your traffic and weather. Have you posted a photo from an area that's off limits. I'm Brian Calvert. With the information that may have you taking those photos off Facebook today. Four and make our way into the middle of the day and the commute continues. Here's the latest from Kierra Jordan or working with a couple of issues right now in Seattle are southbound I five express Lane's offramp to Mercer fully blocked at the moment did to a brushfire that's in the area. So you won't be able to exit off there. But so far not seeing too much of a backup in that area. Where working with a crash in Renton northbound one six seven approaching four zero five that's in the right lane. And that is now creating pretty heavy slow down from one hundred eighty s also we have a crash on the shoulder. Westbound eighteen near Kent black diamond road. It was blocking the right lane for couple of hours. Now like I said over on the shoulder, but that backup it's still continuing for over mile and a half into the area. Southbound four or five heavy at a Bothell northbound four or five extra company from Talbot. The thirtieth northbound I five will be heavy from Michigan to I ninety and starts to break up here perching Seneca and southbound I five busy between the ship canal bridge and the convention center. Our next traffic at ten fourteen. Here's your forecast from Seth Wayne changes. On the way here on Monday after a gorgeous weekend. We're going to up the cloud cover through the day today. Thanks to a strong onshore.

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