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Going tonight about the effect what to fact. That's a fact exactly. Is this your distract yeah. I wrote it on behalf of huma man because he called me out and when you call out the family aw this is my nephew all right. Give it to me holmen. You're not a he learned. The gave called sake you could say the purchase latman disrespect them on the fact that a silly all got low the planets like spear jeapordy niggles bet is what is insult and he's a mason paved while the ignorant just help to keep pulling slave dummy mentally you will be going up a data added fast lane meeting the wicked for sola main strange plows must be met super two nine four days. Bob got science. It's in my corner and not sure what it was really makes. You think that you kiss suspected tyson that you think coming talk to fly but you powerful and now no body brick musician with intelligence and stuff. He's bringing it far for strings twitter. Thanks bye bye kick things but i got an education will put into to make a better. They said science now here's more from my interview with performer weird al yankovic on how he gets permission to use other artists music for his parodies. Check it out. I get permission for every single day that i do. I do need permission. I always the phrase. I always use them this cases. It's a gray the area because it's considered generally fair use by the courts but for reasons why what what okay so you say michael. I'm going to dress up like a huge fat person popping my buttons and i'm going to make fun of your song and the courts will call that affair. Should we live in canada unfair. You know tell me if we live in a very litigious society where even even if i have every right to do something i can still get sued and i'd rather i'd rather be able to sleep soundly at night and nothing that somebody's mad at me and more more than that really i keep relationships with with you know with artists and i always want to make sure that i have their blessing before the before you do yeah yeah. Oh yeah okay. I won't even write the song come up with an idea and go well. That's pretty funny and then we'll contact whoever and see if they're into it and your track record helps that going forward now and michael jackson was a big part of that because prior to michael jackson signing off on it sort of like weird al who yet yeah we'll get back to you but once michael jackson said i can do eat it then we can call those people back and say you know michael. Jackson didn't seem to have a problem with it. So what's your deal. What happens if someone who you've check to see if they're okay with your parody if they say no. I think they know that i walk away. Oh okay. I said i mean you know really. It's pretty rare. I mean most most artists actually can look forward to their word bertie sort of like an i like to say you've got your your grandma's and your your platinum albums then you're weird a pair of green even come true for an artist to have weird al yankovic make fun of them but you know what else it's a filmmaker's dream. Come to be called on twitter by you unique holes. It's filmmakers really 'cause. I used to do it a lot and then it'd be angered angered by just pulled back into my shell now you gotta come back. Come back and when we bust out filmmakers need you. You can also say the science some the social media word. Emily solar flare was so anyway so emily as a huge fan of this genre rush you can imagine that there's a whole section of copyright law written just to accommodate his parodies..

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