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Get out actually i mean we all have these consciousnesses in our head all the time we just kind of there's one dominant one okay there's always lots of stuff going on in the background well so out with that i think we should uh wrap up this segment scarlett francs thanks so much for the question that was i was incredible the close out this episode with yet another episode hosted by the beloved bill nye here he helps his combat climate change with cohost chuck nice and climate scientists radley horton dr horton have you heard about the science march has so there was a reddit conversation which is another one of the electric social media things on the computer machines the kids use and a guy suggested having a science march that would be akin to our march of scientists are scientifically inclined people akin to the women's march to raise awareness of science and you know there's a lot of concern at uh lee environmental protection agency that they been instructed this a better than a rumor they've been instructed not to be so i guess you do release a press release yeah or or report anything more about climate change in the i guess the the model for that is governor scott from florida who thinks by keeping people from using the phrase climate change somehow florida will not be affected by climate change at like it's baltimore's or something uh can't mention you can't say his name so.

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