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Seventeen but in the whole interest of body positively and not being obsessive about food i'm going to try to not be obsessive food at disney that's so great because i feel like being obsessive about what you're eating vacation is is the worst fucking miserable so i'm just going to enjoy this is going to enjoy it and eat when i'm hungry and it'll be fine i hope you have a great time on your bank uk to to bring you back some mouse years i mean on it i i love i'm also a slight disney head is will take any treasure oh i don't need anything hand maybe a pin for trading sammy okay all right i'm on it okay those are like eighty five dollars bring us back anyway that she wanted everything is expensive i need nothing just a full report about everything you did you'll get that wraps it up let's let's let's live in the out tro should we do it yeah let's do it okay forever thirty five is hosted and produced by kate spencer endured freer and producing edited by sammy who neo please leave us apple podcast reviews because it helps other wonderful forever heads find the show forever forever has just trying on a new thing i don't hate that and self kerrigan's didn't go over well you can find us on instagram at for over thirty five podcast twitter forever thirty five pod website is forever thirty five podcast dot com email forever thirty five podcast g mail and please don't hesitate to leave us voicemails at seven eight one five nine one zero three nine zero and next week don't miss our conversation with shoddy petoskey all about running animation studio being show.

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