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Whether it's Florida State, whether it's Nebraska, whether it's Tennessee in your neck of the woods. That would be good programs. I'm not talking about Vanderbilt, and, uh, you know, Washington state here. There's a lot of programs that would trade that would trade Jim Harbaugh's 2015 to 2019 for there's over that five year stretch. Yeah, I don't disagree with that. I don't think that horrible needs to never coach football again. I just have thought he's been a little bit over, talked about relative to the results. Now what he's done like his bowl record. It depends on how much they cared about these bowl games and all these kinds of things. My. My biggest thing, isn't they've beaten, having beaten Ohio State. It's how often they've lost to Michigan State. Sure. They're losing all of these games in the conference to the other teams that they should be beating, like there is a hierarchy in the big 10 like we know what the football universities are. We know the ones to have all the tradition and Michigan's been pretty poor against those teams throughout hard boss tenure. So when I look at the winds, it's more about who they're losing two and their teams. It's not that the losses are bad losses is that those are the losses that have cost Jim Harbaugh's predecessors, their jobs. And the reason the gym horrible I think still has his at Michigan is because his name is Jim Harbaugh. That's why I think that's why I've always kind of looked at inside. I'd it a little bit now. If they go undefeated this year. I'll eat my words. I'll be glad to take the you know if they go undefeated. Yeah, but I don't think that's gonna happen. No, I don't think so. Either in you know, and and I think there's there's a lot to be said to a lot of that. And that's the thing too. And the other thing, too, and it goes without saying It's not that he hasn't just beating Ohio State. It's that he frankly hasn't been competitive. Except for the you know, the second year when there was the fourth down call, which I still think they got wrong. I think Michigan should have won that game and his whole kind of 10 year is kind of different if they win that game, But you know, I just It's tough because I see both sides. I think you have to. You have to definitely say that relative to expectations relative to money. He is a little bit overrated, if not just outright overrated, But it's just one of those deals by the way Michigan has scored again. To go ahead and go up Now. What is it? 31 to 10? My math isn't great. Here 31 to 10 with just a minute or two to go in this game Couple other ones. Uh, Utah is playing BYU that the Holy War in Provo, BYU up 10 7 in that one. U. S. C. 77 with Stanford. Stanford, of course, got destroyed by Kansas State last week really quick. What is the national kind of conversation about us? Because I live here in L. A But I hate to say it. There really isn't much of a conversation right now. People don't like Clay Hill, and they know he's not the guy. Um, I've tried to defend him in the past. But last year was the year where the every game they won a bunch of games. But every game it was a miracle comeback. He's clearly not the guy in U. S. C is one of those programs by the way that has those you know they and I think it's justified in saying it. They kind of have that Michigan expectation of we need to be winning. But, you know, 89 wins isn't enough, and USC hasn't even gotten that in a lot of years recently. So what is the conversation with USC? Because to me out here, it's kind of just It just feels like this weird holding pattern where everyone's waiting for Clay Helton to be gone. He wins just enough games to not get fired. Then there's covid. Then there's this. Then there's that. And he's clearly not the guy and I'm just curious What people outside of L A are soon. Um and I think that's that's the truth. I think that I've looked at Clay Helton for the last few years and said, Dead man walking like it's just been, but they continue to bring him back. And I've heard my God pitchers Papa Day could say it over and over again. It was a bad higher. I didn't really like to hire when it was made, either. I kind of look at USC. As well. I know l A is foremost, uh, Lakers town than a Dodgers town, and then it's USC. It's not the Rams. It's not the Chargers at USC when they're good. That's when you've got, you know. Will Ferrell and Snoop Dogg, everybody on the sidelines and all this kind of thing? I kind of look at us. See from my vantage point like DC movies like DC superhero movies. Most of them have sucked like a lot of them have been really overrated, overhyped with a bunch of high end actors that have been given poor scripts, so you can pretend like the script writers Clay Helton in this situation. Yeah, you've gotten Pete Carroll. You've had a wonder woman here and there. You've had a Lego Batman. But a lot of this stuff has been the original Justice league like it's not been all of all that good. But there's been like the diamond in the rough like the Wonder woman Example, because it's so recent would be the Donald Year when they had that awesome game in the Rose Bowl against Penn State like that was a great year for USC football. But that's like the only one Erin that I can remember in a long time. Like I used to look at USC and think that's a pro football team basically back in the era of Mat liner and Reggie Bush. All of those guys, but those dudes are walking back through the door. Nobody's really been able to win there at the level that I got accustomed to watching in the Pete Carroll era. Since Pete Carroll left, so I don't really think that they're all that relevant. Although I will say this if I C u. S C. Playing I will pay closer attention to that game. And I think that most people around here will too. Just because we kind of remember USC being relevant, But then we're always like, Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. We're the gift of the guy that's pointing at his head. Oh, yeah. Now I remember Now I remember why this doesn't matter because USC is a mediocre program. Well, two things on that one. I think you tune in because you know there's talent. And like, that's the thing. It's like you're like, well, they probably have an NFL quarterback and they probably got a bunch of pros and they're going to be dynamic to watch. It's just are they going to find a way to screw this up? And so I'm not surprised because you know they're one and there's a few like this that everybody wants them to be something that they just aren't right now, and that's relevant on the national scale, obviously, but what I would also say with USC is it's really interesting because You know there, and we talked about earlier with Nebraska. And there's a lot of programs that you know they were great 30 years ago or 20 years ago or even 10 years ago, and you want them to be great, But college football has changed Is that to say it can't happen. But you know, even Michigan's a good example like it's just not easy to win 11 or 12 games at Michigan in this era with the SEC with Ohio State playing as well as they are, boa blah. Nebraska. It's not easy. It's not easy for Nebraska in this era in the big 10. They're not in the big 12 anymore to win 11 12 games. USC has one though, that I I don't think that expectation is unrealistic. Now. Should you be going the playoffs every year? I don't know. But should you be the Clemson of the Pac 12 or the Oklahoma of the Pac 12 where you're in it? You're in the conversation more often than not..

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