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Jeffries and don crime. Yeah, Call them all County. They're hoping to get state approval for a vaccine Hub county Judge Hoppy Hayden, he tells you that's a great name. Hobby. Hate hoppy Haitian If you get in trouble, girlfriend, old hoppy hate Google that up right now happy Hayden County Judge Happy Hayden Touch Caixa and that they need a hub desperately. But the biggest challenge is they don't have any public health department. But the bottom line is her capital were suffering broke open as badly if not worms. And then some of the other, he says. Right now, people who are eligible for a vaccine or having to drive long distances to get one. Which is it? What's not ideal for the senior citizens in that county? I just want to tell you having just Google old hoppy Hayden. Yeah, he looks exactly exactly what you have in your mind. You know exactly what he looks like. Caldwell County is submitting a plan to you know, state model after a bass drop County, which was recently approved, as ah, Vaccination have to clear the way for them to get a bunch of vaccines to help those people so There you go. Well, I have a couple of other family members that that got vaccinated yesterday s Oh, it's just, you know, we're getting closer you go. I still have no idea what I'm getting that needle tomorrow. I think today My mom gets her second shot in that second round of the vaccination. I guess that's the five for one. She you know, she's a lunch lady. Yeah, and at a public school in Oklahoma, that's a front liner right there, And she's older. She's well, She's 70, but yeah, there you go. Your mom was 70. 1950 Yeah, 71. She's a baby man. Well, yeah, she is an absolute baby. You could have her around for another 30 years. I think she was like 17 or 18. When I was born now what? She really 16 Was away from you. Yes. Yeah. 17. Well, what do you mean by that? That's pretty common in the six Now, Of course it was. Let's see. Bill isn't Leander on the tide of Don show this morning. Hey, Bill. Good morning, fellas. How y'all doing? Stay. What's going on? Look here, brother. I used to be 10 12 hours. Screen time link. Dan Instagram Facebook. Uh, Parlor. All those six months ago. I got rid of all of them and went straight to Tic tac. I spent about 4 4.5 hours screen time now on Tic tac. That's if I post the video. Got away from all the politics. I got away from all the crap and on Lee do comedy now and I'm so much better off I wake you sound very happy. You sound very happy. Very happy. Yeah, Yeah, you and if you're on sick talk you would like by page What is what is your What's your handle? Hokey a joke. A 1983 trust me. It's a humor that you two will really appreciate. Let's see here e. Don't get humor. But guys, is she wearing a mask? A skull mask? Is that what that is that? All right? I got you, man. I'm there. You could. You could click on the first one. That's one of my characters. All right. Hang on a second. Is it okay to hear on the radio? Yeah, I would say that's a pretty good. Hey, everybody is your friend's house. Just checking in seeing high tonight. That's not it. That's not a girl, Uh, Earl, but kiss What but kiss. Yeah, All right, but kids, all right, All right, man. I appreciate your bills. Thank you, man. All right. I spent I get on in. This is my weakness right now is for a screen time I get on instagram, and I'm looking at drums because they're all kinds of postings on drums. Well, that's what you should do your go search out the thing. I'm just I'm just like, just absolutely addicted to that. And But I tell you sports, politics and social media I have I have. And maybe I'm bragging. I don't know what it would have been cut, but I've only made one political posting in my entire social media. Career. I made one political posting, and I will never, ever do it again. It was back when Donald Trump won and I just had a very simple post. I said. What amazes me something to the effect of what disturbs me Maura than Donald Trump. Where I said, I'm not disturbed about Donald Trump winning the election. I'm disturbed about the reaction to his winning the election. It was just very simple post and my God, I think the Anger and everything that broke out on my page. It was extraordinary. And that cured me right then and there It was my first and last political posting. The only other controversial one ever did was barbecue Do not ever, ever, ever on social media in this state. What are you talking about? Any opinion about barbecue on your social media? Let me know because you better get ready for an all Out. Bloody gory, violent, dark war. Well, you've been very clear as to who you think of the best barbecue joints in town. You've been very clear about that over the years. Well, you know that that's and I'm not the only one to go there right now. But I'm just saying, if you want to know what you kind of have to now, if you want to avoid trouble on Facebook, do not put an opinion on Barbie if you want to post You're Hey, Here's my brisket. I cooked, which a lot of people love to do. Just getting boring. No, I'm just I'm just saying I'm.

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