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The brewers sweep the three game series cincinnati getting off to a terrible start in their nine game homestand there obviously owen three they're off tomorrow thank god they host the miami marlins on friday night so we're gonna threegame series that's a great american ballpark the big headlines tonight were number one louise castio pitch well fine whatever number two the infield defense continues to stink we had three throwing errors tonight they're not very good and the biggest takeaway for me was this team can't hit wade miley last year led the league lead baseball in walks given up in in two seasons over over the last two years two thousand sixteen in two thousand seventeen with the mariners and the baltimore orioles wade majlis era over the last two seasons five point four eight wade miley was someone that no one wanted this off season and not just the byproduct of a slow off season a slowed market for pictures literally nobody wanted him in no offseason would anybody want wade miley the milwaukee brewers basically took him because well somebody has to pitch and they loaded up on outfielders they had to get guys who could pitch they signed wade miley to a minor league contract he didn't pitch for the first five weeks of the season he got the ball tonight any held the reds to one run on three hits across six innings milwaukee's bullpen did the rest jeremy jeffers got a two inning save getting scott shetler to bounce into a double play to end the ball ballgames and jennings pitched the seventh the reds i i'm not even sure i'm not i don't know where to go with this i don't know where to go with this personally as as a fan i don't honestly for someone who talks about sports for a living who does this show on a pretty regular basis who doesn't afternoon drive show oh on espn fifteen thirty with months and months of time to fill i gotta be honest with you i shouldn't say this i'm tapped out i don't i don't know where we go with this and i'm listening to tom and the cowboy and they led their into the post game show talking about louise castio and that is one of the big takeaways from tonight that he bounce back after pitching so poorly against the minnesota twins.

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