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Lieutenant John Baxter tells KCBS that the fire is located. In a residential building on Washington Street between golf and Franklin Streets. The fire is reportedly in the garage, second floor in third floor of the building, as well as the nearby building. There's a lot of smoke in that area. Officials are asking people to avoid the area right now. No injuries have been reported. Oakland kids are going to start the school year. Learning from home as KCBS is Megan Goldsby reports. That was the announcement today from District officials. The first day of school is August 10th for Oakland kids and it will be at home. We'll start with a serious of phases that aggressively increases in person instruction that said, We're starting with all students in distance learning, Oakland Unified School District director of Communication John Song, he says the next phase after that will be blended learning. With some in person instruction and some online but not all of the kids in class at once. They're still working out the details, but he gives an example of a proposal. The district is considering having a group of students in on saying Monday choosing right so they're they're they're back to back on both those days. First X number of hours during course today Wednesday, we clean And the other group of students comes in on Thursday Friday, they do know which students are going to be invited back 1st 2 kids that have the highest needs will be focusing on them first to get them back into in person. Instruction s. Oh, that would be special ad would be homeless is that would be foster kids, along with the younger kids ahead of the older ones. Teachers will be further trained on how to teach online and he says they are working to get more chrome books into the hands of kids. Who don't have access to a computer and to get more instructions for parents on how to help those kids out. Megan Goldsby KCBS Oakland school kids aren't alone classes will be online on Ly in the West Contra Costa Unified School District when school starts back up August 17th. The second phase of the district's plan would open some school buildings as support facilities for small group of students. California needs to demilitarize it's public schools and spend more money on counselors and restorative justice programs. That's what speaker after speaker told a taskforce hearing convened today by state superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurman. We get more From KCBS is Doug Sovereign Superintendent Tony Thurman hosted a remote hearing via Facebook at which assembly member Autumn Burke, one of the lawmakers, who's tested positive for Corona virus, forcing the shutdown of the Legislature, said it's time to get cops out of schools and divert that money instead to things that are woefully underfunded, like counseling program that starts with militarizing schools and focusing on physical, mental and social well being of every child. I would be Aramis. Obviously, if I didn't mention that African American students need achievements, support programs now and investment counselors. Now more than ever. Jessica Black is with the Black organizing project in Oakland Group that has been trying for years to decriminalize the schools to move from campus. Police forces to restorative Justice programme. Yes, we are in a health pandemic, also the policing of black And Brown students is a pandemic. The George Floyd killing has given sudden rocket fuel to that movement, with $0 already announcing it will disband its police force. Thurman's task force is looking to public private partnerships to help pay for more de escalation and counseling programs. Doug Sovereign KCBS, a man who was shot and killed by Contra Costa County sheriff's deputies during an hours long standoff Thursday night in nights and has been identified. Carrie, Who'd a SEC of KCBS has the latest 44 year old Eduardo Martinez of Bay Point was the suspect who died in an officer involved shooting at a home on Green Acres lane in nights in just outside Brentwood. Deputies responded to a call from his ex girlfriend who said Martinez held her hostage overnight. She said he sexually assaulted her, pushed her into a coffee table, tighter to a chair with duct tape, poured gasoline on her and threatened to set her on fire. The victim told authorities. Martinez had a shotgun and pistol, claiming he did not want to go back to jail. She managed to get away. A SWAT team was called in to get Martinez to surrender. During an 11 hour standoff. Martinez came out of the home at night and fired at three deputies. They then shot the suspect dead at the scene. One deputy was shot in the chest but was saved from his bulletproof vest. Another was hitting his head by shotgun pellets, and the third was shot in his arm. All have been treated and released from the hospital. Carry a SEC KCBS just ahead on KCBS. I'm Kathy Novak making more space in prisons battling Cove. It outbreaks, thousands more incarcerated people could be eligible for release. Right now. We want to check your Friday night drive..

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