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Get this close to thanksgiving. I was remember talking to rob Watson over Watson insurance. About a story this this is talk about having the right insurance for your specific situation. And that's what Watson does whether it's a business or whether you're individual house, auto, whatever the case may be. They get to know you. They get to know your business. They get to know your circumstances. They make sure you have the right insurance for your particular set of circumstances that two years ago right before thanksgiving Roberts told me a story about a family that experience their worst nightmare for AM in the morning. They wake up houses on fire. Everybody gets out safe even the dog, but the house is almost a total loss. And eventually they figured out. They had an electrical issue. They had insurance with Watson insurance. Rob Watson was out of town that day. But he gets the call. He gets his team to work for the family right away. And they're on the scene at eight A M, four hours after that fire started eight AM in the morning Watson is there helping that family, and that's the Watson way. And that's not only having the right insurance for your particular circumstances. But that's how they take care of their customers. If you have an eight hundred number to get anything, insurance wise or information that eight hundred number is not going to be standing in your front yard at eight o'clock in the morning. So here's what that homeowner had to say about their experience with Watson Watson was with me. Every step of the way seemed like my claim was their only claim they cared about us getting our house rebuilt, but they really cared about me and my family, and we think that this will never happen to us. But when it does it's nice to have Watson, go above and beyond. I'm so glad that we had him on our side Watson insurance. Three offices in North Carolina. One office in South Carolina column. Local call somebody will pick up one eight hundred the number to go Watson..

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