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Welcome back America park press box I live a little bit Before a game time so we? Thought why not throw, another segment of talking about Jack Morris Alan Trammell of course, we mentioned Lou Whitaker is well before the Tigers and. Twins get going in this finale of this three game series and one more. Thing about more is that at least, stuck out to me they showed it on the big screen but I. Was nine years old in April were Jack Moore is nineteen Eighty-four threw a no. Hitter against the Chicago, White satin and believe it or not not that anybody cares but it was playing, wiffle ball in my backyard and my father back then said you gotta. Come in and see this probably in about the Senate inning and that's one of those games, that other than the big. Games that Jack is pitched in he's the Torius for that no hitter tennis set the tone than they went thirty five and five right. First place the whole way ended up winning. The World Series first of. All who didn't, play, will ball. That's how I grew up For all the time But no that's a good point because he was so so. Great in, that, game I mean I I don't even know how many. Walls were, hit hard I mean you, can track them now but I'm not sure there are any balls. Or hit real hard that's, how good he. Was and. He is he is they talk. About that a, lot you see video but all the time and you should because anytime you pitch a no. Hitter is pretty special and I don't think there were many great plays may behind him because they didn't hit, the ball that hard but that was that was a game that. Really stands, out yet you know he was so dominated in that game. From what I remember but but but, Jack is kind of and I remember talking to him about this as well would not sure is there was here in a. Lotta pictures these days it's a rarity to have a complete Back then of course it wasn't a rarity but Jack to me seems like a kinda. Guy that not big with the sabermetrics You know Plain. And simple got, the ball throw the ball and last as long as you. Possibly could you know some of the things that they're doing, now I I like some. Of them some of them I don't, agree with but, you know they talked about move the ball over two inches move. The boy you say that to what booth all over two inches nobody can. Do that either hitting mitt pounding inside you. Pounding away you, go upstairs you, go downstairs and that's the old fashioned way pitching in and that's been around for a. Long time and I think sometimes there's too much of the other thing you gotta have the eyeballs and then some of the other stuff and mixing near the. Right, way yeah totally. With you, I mean I'm all, for? Information right you can't lose the. Eyeball test you can't have too. Much information that's that's the problem you're out there in. Your thinking you're. In trouble that's. Very fair and the Tigers doing a heck of a job of kind of catching up sabermetrics and they have their own group to do. That now but going back to eighty four thirty five and five star won't. Be, believable yeah that's fair to say and think how good the Boston Red Sox are right now thousand. Eighteen idol I think. That eighty four teams and maybe. It's just because it's near and dear to our hearts. Or from Detroit. I don't think. That team gets enough credit locally or nationally I mean is that fair well you could say that I mean I played on world championship. Team I know gets a lot, of credit you know the sixty eighteen chirp. But, eighty four they were the same as us I mean they had great players we had great players I know we give. Them the the notoriety that. They should have because I talk about them a lot they had great players I mean great players but three hall. Of famers Lou gets in and the other big wheel behind. The plate, I mean you? Kidding, me then they put. The pieces, together kind of the year before. He picked up a couple of players. That made that team really what, they were to. Win the World Series and they. Won the, World Series easy there's. No question about that Yeah it's funny too because you. Think of how they won the World Series a. Bunch of guys they grew up in the minor leagues together and they matured. And we've seen other teams do it and the tags did in eighty, four AM truly memorable. No question about, it and there's nothing like having that ring that's. What. We all, wanted and I have that ringing I'm proud. Of we're gonna take a. Break now we'll be right back. After this timeout hi I'm.

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