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In the world at circle K. every couple ground fresh starting the dollar at circle K. limited time only at participating locations this is a box thirteen weather update this is chief meteorologist Joe we sold back fifty eight very mild degrees tonight as showers return to the mid south rain will slow down your morning commute a bit and we'll see a very warm daytime high on Wednesday of seventy one degrees but that doesn't last long by Thursday temperatures have plummeted we go from warm to cold within a very short time find out how heavy a code you'll need John good morning Memphis Wednesday morning beginning at four thirty this is a last chance alert it's happening in just days publishers clearing house will award five thousand dollars a week forever enter now at PCH dot com and you could win five thousand dollars a week for your life plus after that five thousand dollars a week for life for someone you choose the five thousand dollars a week forever prize is guaranteed to be awarded on February twenty eight so don't miss your last chance to win enter a P. C. H. dot com before it's too late thanks PCH dot com award day is almost here go to P. C. H. dot com now increased due to twenty five no purchase necessary void where prohibited hi I'm right in Denton vice president of optimal tax relief if you're in debt to the IRS there's a lot you need to know starting with rule number one don't mess with the IRS they can garnish your paycheck levy your bank account even take your home or business there's a way out it's called the fresh start initiative if you qualify you could save tens of thousands for tax help you can trust call up for a free consultation call eight hundred eight three three zero seven thirty three eight hundred eight three three zero seven thirty three actually for details please as ultimate actually dot com Joe Stuart body shop family owned and operated they'll treat you like family when you walk through the door trust them with your car truck or SUV twenty nine sixteen summer Avenue three two three two two nine six or visit just to our body shop dot com now open at four hundred distribution parkway in Carterville new signs the Rappaport the house is expected to vote tomorrow to send articles of impeachment against president trump to the Senate if all goes according to plan on the Senate's and would set us up to begin the actual trial.

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