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Reds pull off a triple play. This one ends the game and preserves of 431 over the Boston Braves in Boston with two outs and none on in the ninth, a grounder to short Turned into a six for two for triple play, figure that one out the state 1942. Phillies beat the Reds to toe Wanna Crosley Field on a fluke to run homerun. Philadelphia pitcher Rube Belton lifted a catchable fly ball to left field, but Reds left fielder Max Marshall And center fielder Harry Craft collided, knocking each other out. Milton circled the bases for a two run inside the park home run the on ly home run. Of his career. On the state, 1955. Reds pummel the Pirates 19 Toe one in Pittsburgh, Johnny Temple goes five for seven Watley Post ties, a team record with five runs scored, hitting two home runs. 1967 All Star Game moment. Oh, actually not an all Star Game moment. Regular season Tony Price singles in the winning run in the 10th inning to give the Red's a one. Nothing went over the Met's at Crosley Field. Gary Nolan pitched a complete game 10 inning. Shut out, wonder how many pitches he threw 1968. On this date, Houston's Don Wilson strikes out 18 Reds in the second game of a doubleheader it Crosley. He struck out nine in the 1st 3 innings, including eight in a row. Now, here's the thing about Don Wilson. He made 33 starts at Crosley Field in a row that went 18 strikeouts, then in his next started cries. I feel later in the year, he struck out 16. Then, in his next start at Crosley Field the following year, he pitched a no hitter. He must have liked pitching at Crosley Field. Facing Reds this day, 1970 the iconic moment in all Star game history. Pete Rose collides with Rafe, Aussie. Scores the winning run bottom of the 12th. The All Star Game at Riverfront Stadium 1974. I had not heard this story. I don't know how this from red like journal Reds and pirates engaged in a wild brawl in Game two of their double header at three Rivers Stadium. Jack Bellingham hit pirates pitcher brewski sin and both benches emptied. But only saw milling around and trading of barbs until Sparky Anderson accidentally stepped on the foot of Pirates catcher Ed Kirkpatrick. Kirkpatrick shoved Anderson and it was on Pedro bore bone pin, Daryl Patterson to the ground, pulled his hair out and bid him. A pirate player would need a tetanus shot for the wound bit him in the side. If I remember the story correctly, the Reds won the game 3 to 2. That's not the first time that Pedro Borbon bit somebody in his career. This state. 1977. What? George Foster Rockets. Three home runs drives in five Tom Seaver tosses a two hitter in a 7 to 1 win over the Braves at Riverfront Stadium. Foster Homer's came in three consecutive at bats 1992 bit. Roberts collects two hits and drives into in the All Star game, but the National League falls to the American League. In San Diego and the All Star Game a 1996 Reggie Sanders hits, two home runs and Dave Burba launches his first major league home run is the Reds beat the Pirates 7 to 6. Eduardo Perez, son of Tony, It's his first major league home run in that game off of Steve Paris. And on this date 2012. Ryan Ludwig homers off his former team in the bottom of the 10th. The Reds beat the Cardinals at Great American Ballpark. The Reds were tied for first on this date. 2000 and 12. All right, This is strange. Twitter has loved my idea. Callers have been Silenced by my ideas, Brandon now see on Twitter. J. C loved the idea like this, and he's helping ladies. I'm pretty sure prestige. A V could figure out how to create multi Web experiences for the Reds across town in nontraditional settings, thus helping countless local businesses, employees and workers like that, Keith says. There's a driving in Sidney, Ohio. Who did I not include Sidney, Ohio? Alright, let's include them in our We'll call it a pop up next. Look Has imagine if you could pipe the sounds of the fans of the drive in into the ballpark. Most people sit outside in their cars. Anyhow, There you go. Ah, Slater, Me and my dad were talking today about missing out on going to the ballpark. This would be the next best thing. Aaron anyway, to make a positive impact. I'm all for it. I'm from Dayton. And I go to the Dragon Stadium to do this yet. My idea would be use all of your minor league parks who don't have anything going on. And connect with them. From a major league standpoints, You know, kind of throw him a bone. Hey, we feel for you. Here's what we're doing. Why don't you try this and win win for everybody? You kind of connect with our Reds fan network and gives you an event outside of your stadium on and its rights baseball. I don't see a downside of that. Jamie, where do I sign up? Lance, Can you get this done? I don't. I'm just the idea guy. I don't know. I don't know. I think the biggest drawback he's now like right now 8 56 Drivin. It wouldn't be ideal, but it would work and I just don't think there's enough. This would really be good at a year where you had West Coast games. Imagine doing it all Hope here. Here you go. Imagine next year. Under air quotes here Normal times next year. You do it on a West Coast trip. You don't have to do it every night, But you pick your games include West, not Coast games. And you have a double feature. At eight o'clock. You have a fill in the blank baseball movie Bull Durham. Field of dreams. The natural bad news bears for love of the game..

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