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I'm from Trinidad in England and then going back to turn and so for a long time it was held dunks forgot pushes a we. An England is when I remembered because when I came back and then that was but I had symptoms of just getting loofah suit and things champion isolate yourself and stuff like that. I didn't understand what what depression type things were. I just like I just need a break from everybody. I wouldn't answer cancels. I just eat bread. Spread and choose everyday. Watch Oprah not up to much only now the education undesirable. Wow that's kind of loose cycle and I could see when it's coming us now. I knew if you think I'm prone to good answer. But now I know in his neck. I couldn't you know this an actions. I have to do to make sure I don't expose all Emma business but the first thing to do is make your goddamn bed. Do make your bed make your bed. Have a shower. Plan what you're supposed to do for the day start executing cuting it bring a friend meet up with them not to tell them all yours but just to keep in contact with people because my thing is when when I'm low isolate yea isolate so hold on from the university really relate to it which was good for me. When I'm feeling depressed? I stopped being able to do the my really relate to making your bad. It's like if I'm than anything else. I may bad I'm clean claimed. Go clean as long dom that you know those things when you're in a good state take more effort yes than anything. Thank you know so. It's really really good advice while also I'm also married also. My wife really knows me so she sees me slipping a Oh not this and sometimes you know it happens less and less now because you know you live with someone and somebody else the CD the seeds of it you know but more more than I was living alone like you could just be like I was always into poetry now so what was read poetry even if I was and so it's something that can like pick me up so reading poetry thing. I think poetry has played an essential social and psychological in my life to keep my spirits up in so yeah I wanNA give more about watching Oprah tell you and I like is quite interesting because I feel like an oprah barrel worse definitely part of the self help industry and I often wonder if it's very American and you you can do whatever you want to do but I i. Some message falls flat when you really don't know whether it helps or whether he actually hinders how you manage expectations. Because you feel like Oprah I should be able to get open and beat the world but I don't know what's happened the way always easy I think for though even though house got this so gung Ho American Week and everything. One part of Oprah's brandis incredible friendliness. You know what I mean. There's a warmth and I don't know sometimes having these the idea of the chat show in the familiarity. I'm feeling like oh it's a friend you haven't met yet and you're in safe hands because associates so capable as well that perhaps I don't know but perhaps as part of it as well but I know what you mean about this sort of like you can do it when you feeling in your car so I'm going to return to the first question you don't there's really no lost in so Rogge's very poignant story so I've kind of lost what. What was the question again? The question of the very heavy handed question was a how did Racism impact your mental health. A new growing up and hot. What's changed the I don't I kind of have to agree with Rajin industry software for me? I kind of quite confident and sustained by my surroundings. I grew up in the ear number of prisoners. Eve Hamad so eloquently really summed up a who we all were on either side that my role terraced houses were Yemeni. Families really grew with the community also the Jamaican and Somalian community and it seemed like Prince Mohammad since speak week froze all when he four and after a five way talk talking to mixture of up and then praise our law foods win as if a AH Thick Yorkshire accent as all these things were were made sense is one thing and of course it did so I I I felt very confident. Growing up in Sheffield and I didn't feel like my race really affected by mental health for me. I think key the key thing did affect mental health was class and specifically moving to London and suddenly realize that I'm working class northern. You know I had no idea of that. And people always a northerner do these reductivist impressions of northerners which always evolved sheep person and Even now is the voice who brought some times supplement my income do voice over work. And you'll never hear me on the high end at selling betting on so so for me. I became very aware of classroom to London and class for me is as a language and had to learn from scratch to speak a completely different language and it was amazing and I feel like actually with Brexit. You you've seen the real disjuncture of of the class system in this country because I remember Komen and speaking itself weighing people who would a call themselves. left-wing the liberal would solve smirk or Orem also of that. That were demonize me. If I if I didn't speak this sort of educated left-wing language that I just had to had to learn from scratch snow always Jones. You know you're always book chops. The demonization of the working classes talks about how he will be around. All these enlightened friends who went to Oxford and Cambridge ambridge talking about you know if anybody used a racial slur that'd be kicked out of the group but yet they felt free to use the word chaff. You know and I was shelf. Basically you know and for me learning the codes learning how to get on in the media industry and in in the industry that I work in literary industry has been hasn't been good for mental health chilly. Yeah it's not just being literate literate in in in in in English English language literate in in middle class upper middle class dealers is what impact has it had mental health confidence and a not. Nope not being able to be authentic. I feel like I think anytime. It's only now that I've been living in for like ten years. So now the and managed to find the middle ground between Froman Martin. Maybe going for for a long time and and I wouldn't want to be. I want to express myself and you know you have to hide who you are if you want to get on or because of Tony Blair's Brin commodified away from and so I found that like the way I got on in the media industry was sort of make a joke. An commodifying my northern this and be this black guy with an Afro spoke with Yorkshire. And it's not good for your self confidence it really isn't and and I feel like I was many years living in London. I felt very drift. I'm really lost Trying to find something to anchor myself to say so weird because the Brexit I feel like I'm really the hall of in many ways of all the all the disjunction I was feeling in my own identity really came out to play in Brek ceremony. The lead up to the referendum. I'm an astonishing. An astonishing arrogance and ignorance from my educated. Middle Cusp London. About the state of the country people homeowners multimillionaires. If you own a property in London you have lots of large assets who were completely ignorant about the lives of people outside a London and then at the same time. Does this coin racism from the White Kids style group within Sheffield so I was lost for many years and Brexit really silver pin down but the problems were and how. Oh because I was gonna ask you both a question about brexit because I think it's a question that impacts everybody lots of different ways. Obviously that like this. The less of privilege allege like you say you know the sort of a wealthy liberals with huge assets and the ignorance about that. I'm I knew sort of touched on that when you think of Brexit Roger Does that happen impact. What impact does that have on you rather than into as well Dell's intellectual emotionally? I suppose breaks it exposed me many surprises I'm from North Hampton and devoted to leave I've But what was surprising was this. I winced to my local Baba's which is a black bubbles. Not Detainee in one Nigerian one for anybody. Listen from Northampton. I'm all of them. Were talking about being pro brexit and I couldn't believe my ears as I you guys nuts Knots to the entire. Everyone was immigrant was second generation. EMMER was talking about because it's full of eastern Europeans hospital other they do. And then I realized that media has an incredible part to play in Brexit and even though they were black an immigrant there were still kind of consuming working-class media and been they believe the working class media. Bob Is you'll always see a some unconfessed media Ghanem and they took it hook line and sinker. I think other than the ideas of working class media. That's very powerful and also answer to how quickly generations are white people will forget where their grandparents came from so two appropriate support says who had Italian immigrant grandparents but yet the Cockney supercop knee and everything and they're talking about yet right above bub-bubba. Italian is new name Italian yet. My grandfather was an immigrant. I'm English as a at Whoa Dude. That's that's really interesting because if you if your grandparents came out Beasley telling to get out and you could see them blinking. Not being able to compute what so that the whole idea in in terms of if you want to assimilate a big part of it is forgetting as quickly as possible. The the generations before who probably suffered before you in a Jewish friend who says his brother as soon as she landed was more English English sent to boarding school and tried to get into English and will not even talk about being Jewish amongst friends at all in fact it seemed like she was trying to forget about what I didn't get. I thought well this is the thing you don't generations trying to assimilate and forget I'm thinking of going to think it's where this is just 'cause I like star treks but my star trek analogy is the bog which was about this hive. Mind assimilating light thing and losing your identity and although that's like extreme example but that's what you say my new so you have to forget as quickly as possible and it's like the opposite of story it's like that forgetting is anti story as that you're because the stories of the way you maintain your identity or cultural identity entity the complexities of what your identity is like even if the identity shifting or like in the inbetween spaces. That's the way you do at that point. I'd like you both to stress from work. So I Roger I shall look at Johnny go deafness poem from. Oh quite long go for on Wall Street girling I are you reading from your phone. You can't do that. 'cause be slow Bigazzi that'd be slowing forever. Yes if you do a poem about way off from it will fit in really nicely. This is about I guess the disappearing of of a culture shot that isn't you know isn't considered culture and isn't preserved ties into talking about an it's called the spectres of buildings..

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